Cold Case Search Continues In Milton

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MILTON -- Investigators continue to sift and dig, and break down walls at a home on North Front Street in Milton.

Inside, they believe they may find the body of Barbara Miller, who has been missing since 1989.

"I don't understand what's wrong with these people to begin with. How they could go out and just murder somebody. I mean they need to get a grip on reality, they need to go out and get these people who are murdering innocent people,” said Tammy Ulrich of Montandon who was at the scene Friday.

Since Wednesday, crews have been at the home including special police dogs, Sunbury, Milton and other area officers, the County coroner, forensic experts, even the FBI, turning the usually quiet neighborhood upside down and attracting crowds.

Two large containers have been filled with parts of basement walls and dirt, sealed and hauled away.

"Poor Barbara. I don't know what she knew, I don't know what she didn't know but that poor woman, does not belong in a brick wall or thrown in a ditch or anyone else. Really need to get the closure and find the person who did this,” said Ulrich.

According to a search warrant, police have information that the prime suspect in this case is Miller's ex-boyfriend, former Sunbury Police Detective, Joseph "Mike" Egan.

Egan's sister once lived at this home in Milton now at the center of this cold case investigation.

“Every criminal, everybody who commits a crime makes a mistake. It's our job to find out the mistake and exploit the mistake. That’s what's going on now,” said Sunbury Police Chief Tim Miller, who is no relation to the victim.

The two containers that were hauled away from here, an expert will be sifting through those, looking for evidence.

Crews are expected to be back working at the home Monday morning.

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  • Sneaky Sby Cops

    Once again slandering a man not charged. But you have yet to run a story on Sunbury cop Jamie Quinn who was charged by State Police days ago. These officers shouldn’t be protected from your stories when they do wrong.

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