Airport Helps Host Annual Pilot Proficiency Class

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MONTOURSVILLE -- If a jet has taken off at the Williamsport Regional Airport in Montoursville it's likely carl McDaniel has a picture of it.

"Try to photograph all the jet planes that come in one just come in a minute ago,” said Carl F. McDaniel.

This weekend Carl will have plenty of planes to take pictures of, but there's a catch, all of the planes will look similar. They are all planes made by the Cirrus Aircraft Company.

"Like those two right there, there will be sixty airplanes," said Dave Hall.

Energy Aviation along with Penn College is helping host the annual Mid-Atlantic Cirrus pilot proficiency program.

Dozens of pilots will take a masters class. It's a chance to get a better understanding of the Cirrus planes and their safety features.

"I worked on the organization for a few years to bring it Williamsport, because I knew it was an absolutely ideal place to do because of this college," said Michael Bush.

Folks should expect a lot more planes in the air but, before many of the pilots get take off they'll be sitting behind a computer.

"So what we are going to do here is take a quick little departure of this little airport here," said Chuck Cali.

A lot of pilots will fly their planes from out of state to be here for this weekend’s event. Some are traveling from out of the country.

"This area has quite a few cirrus pilots that are able to make it here," said Cali.

"I'll be interested to see how far somebody comes in for this. I know there is one guy down there from the Virgin Islands right?" said Mike DeSantis.

Mike DeSantis flew in from New York State for the class. He's been a professional pilot for over 2 decades.

"These guys are supposed to, it's my first time but they are supposed to put on a really good event so that's why I'm here," said DeSantis.

For those who want an up close look at the planes, they are welcome at the airport in Montoursville this weekend.

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