State Police Search Home Of Supermarket Shooter

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- State police spent much of the day at the home of the gunman in the supermarket shooting in Wyoming County.

State police say the shooter, Randy Stair, lived with his parents at the home in Franklin Township, Luzerne County, outside Dallas, and while neighbors in this rural neighborhood, say they never met Randy, they say his parents were friendly people.

At least seven state police vehicles were parked outside the home on Ransom Road where Randy Stair lived.

Troopers are carrying out a search warrant to learn more about Stair. We know that some of the units on the scene here are part of a group that takes a look at crimes that have a connection to computers such as some posts on social media.

Neighbors did not want to speak with us on camera because they were too shaken up but they told Newswatch 16 that state troopers were seen going door to door and asking them whether or not they ever heard gunshots that sounded like target practice coming from the property.

Troopers wouldn't tell Newswatch 16 what they found in the home but did say it will take some time to sift through all of this material.


    • wow yer hot

      What does Hillary have to do with any of this? Are you still so conditioned from November to talk about Hillary in every article of news?

  • Archie Beal

    This is why there needs to be much more stricter gun laws and bans. It is obvious society has and is evolving to the point where people are not capable or worthy of possessing firearms and the 2nd amendment needs to be rewritten to address these issues. Actually most of the amendments needs to be readjusted. Society is abusing them and making their own interpretation to suit their owns needs.

    • Carol

      The second amendment is fine the way it is. Law abiding citizens do not go around shooting people. The problem is – and it is a big problems – is that there is no help for mentally and or emotionally disturbed people. No one cares or pays attention to those in need of help. All that’s appeared on social media and no one reaches out and helps these people. How many live video deaths or beatings or suicides are people going to watch online and not do anything about them. If you see our know anyone who is suffering from mental or emotional issues reach out and try to help them!!!!!

      • AndersonCoopersHamster

        These cops asking about target practice is a slap in the face to anybody with a functioning brain. How about a cat scan of this rejects brain? His parents included.

    • Dave

      Just recently The Republican Congress passed a law that you can buy a gun if you are a mentally ill veteran. Look it up…

      • Know murder

        Link please, or you’re just another liberal that likes to bend the facts to fit their agenda.

      • Carol

        Anyone who says that he bought and owned the gun (s) is just speculating, you don’t know that. He could have stolen them from his parents or from anyone. He could have bought or borrowed them from a friend or acquaintance. Which brings me too everyone saying to change the Constitution, make laws and ban guns, confiscate all the guns from legal owners…. It makes no sense and won’t solve anything because any mentally or emotionally disturbed person or those with a criminal mind will still be able to get them illegally and use them. Meanwhile all the innocent law abiding citizens will be left with no protection. Do you honestly think that a person who wants to injure, kill, rob, etc., won’t be able to get a gun just because it’s the law. They intend to break the law anyway so it won’t stop them.

      • David


        It’s not a ‘liberal myth’. The GOP and NRA really are gun crazy to the point they want even the mentally ill armed. This is going to be problem until we wake up and realize giving every one a fire arm is a bad idea.

    • Joe Blow

      I guess the next time someone uses a vehicle to drive into a crowd to injure/kill innocent folks, we should ban all the vehicles in the country. I guess the next time my son gets a bad grade on his spelling test, I should blame his pencil for making the mistakes.

      • Lucy Morgan

        This is a ridiculous analogy, and as a gun owner I hate it. You make us all sound so callous and stupid. Every human out there knows the purpose of a car versus the purpose of a gun.

        Furthermore as a proud gun owner I realize that restrictions are needed It has gotten out of hand.

  • Mad Dog

    So this coward posted disturbing things on social media, along with I’m betting they will find a ton of things in the house …. aaaaand no one said anything? Guarantee they will find 1,000 warning signs, yet he was allowed to own guns. Thanks to a lack of sensible laws in this country, and the ignorance of family and friends, 3 people are dead that shouldn’t be. I hurt for their families. As a society, we need to stop this. Stop praying and do something!

    • LC

      I agree with your statement. As a society we all need to be more supportive. With technology nowadays people isolate themselves; that’s what that kid did.

      We need to stay connected, we need to teach our children this. We need to stress on mental health in school. So many people these days suffer from mental problems steming from abuse, lack of activity, lack of support, social isolation, disturbing media, etc. Closely watch those around you and if you notice someone is in distress. Then, in some way, try to get them help. We all need to be kinder to each other.

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