State Police Describe Night Of Terror Inside Weis Market During Killing Spree

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EATON TOWNSHIP -- Nearly 24 hours after 24-year-old Randy Stair opened fire inside a Weis Market near Tunkhannock, investigators are painting a picture of a night of terror inside the store.

State police say Stair fired off nearly 60 shots, killing three co-workers before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life.

Other employees heard about the deaths of their colleagues on their way into work.

“As I pulled in, people were calling me on my way to work and they're asking me what`s going on,” said Rick Mehall, who works in the Meat Department. “I had no clue, I didn't hear the news or nothing and now I'm just shocked.”

Hours after the shooting, mourners left behind flowers and candles outside the Weis on Route 29 for Stair’s victim who are Terry Sterling, 63, of South Montrose, Victoria Brong, 25, of Factoryville and Brian Hayes, 47, of Springville.

“I'm grieving because these are my friends, I've been around them forever,” said Tracy Klepacz, a friend of Hayes’ family. “This is the saddest thing I could ever imagine, something like this happening here.”

Investigators say the store was closed to the public at the time of the shooting which took place at 12:50 a.m. and that the killing spree was systematically executed.

Stair had been at work for roughly two hours, arriving at 11 the night before and began blocking all the exits before opening fire.

“Stair proceeded to work in the store approximately 1 hour 40 minutes. During this time he began fortifying the exits of all the doors all the doors, blocking them so they could not to get in or out,” said State Police Capt. John Nederoskitek.

State police say Stair came armed with two guns and plenty of ammunition.

“A total of 59 shots were discharged by the actor and an additional 48 live rounds were recovered in the store,” said Capt. John Nederoskitek.

In a statement from Weis a spokesperson said:

“We are deeply saddened at this tragic loss of life. Right now our thoughts and prayers are with the families. As this is an active investigation we will defer any questions at this time to the police.”


  • PO

    guns don’t kill people…. people kill people.
    I fully support the 2nd amendment.
    I work in law enforcement and so many of us get a bad rap…..

  • Archie Beal

    Law enforcement don’t just shoot people because they want to. So you don’t need a firearm to protect yourself from them. Law enforcement shoot people because there is a threat and they feel their safety is threatened. Take firearms out of the equation and that lessens the chance of a law enforcement shooting. Ban firearms and a huge violence issue will be solved. The majority of these idiots that want to carry and do carry do not and would not know how to defend themselves if they had to. Leave firearms and law enforcement who know how to use them. Not these wannabes

    • MtnMan

      I am no longer active, but I can still guarantee that my highly trained military background says otherwise… yuppie. So you can go ahead and push for that agenda; when the criminals continue to get guns because they are not purchasing them from a local store, what will you do then? Those with ill intent will be even less scared or threatened knowing there is no possibility of some citizen stopping them with force.

  • Archie Beal

    All firearms need to be banned. Get rid of them all just like England did. The only people permitted to have firearms should be the police and military…thats it…I don’t want to hear people need them to protect themselves. Most people that carry for protection take it too far and get themselves in trouble or don’t have a clue what they are doing. BAN ALL FIREARMS and the violence will subside dramatically

      • Writer Girl

        Not so worried about law enforcement, as I am enemies of the U.S. and gangs and crooks who will have access to all kinds of violent things.

    • Writer Girl

      There are too many guns out in society already to ban guns. Crooks will always have them. They use illegal weapons, not registered ones. Gangs and terrorists have weapons. What will you do if it ever comes down to you vs. them?

    • Pesky amendments

      You do know that many people in the UK possess firearms, right? Mainly long guns, but when was the last time someone used a long gun in a crime? So, you are misinformed. Hey, I hear Australia has a strict no-gun policy. Perhaps you should consider moving there. They speak English too.

    • Manchester United

      “BAN ALL FIREARMS and the violence will subside dramatically”. We would like to take exception to that statement. Signed, the good people of Manchester and London.

    • Cindy

      I work at a different Weis but this could easily happen. We have some disgruntled employees….it’s best to stay on people’s good side. Maybe the one who he didn’t shoot was somewhat nice to him.
      Not saying the others deserved it of course…
      Guns are not the problem, this psycho could have easily learned how to make a bomb online it chased them down with a knife or machete. At least when you hear a gun go off you know to run.
      No violence is the problem and there’s no fixing that. Sometimes there’s really not much you can do. If you suspect anyone is unhinged either report them or try to get them help. Do t get on their bad side?

    • Cindy

      Guns are not the problem England has plenty of murders, beatings stabbing broken bottles etc. and believe me I know how to defend myself with a gun. Violent psychos are the problem.


      Archie Beal: Gun crime decreased in Britain when guns were banned. However the “violence” didn’t subside, violence and crime in general increased dramatically. Look it up. The same thing happened in Australia.

  • Warren Searfoss

    The problem here is maybe he told the wrong people how he felt and was harassed to the point that he thought he had no recourse…. hell he didn’t even have to say anything.. just act or talk different from others is enough for some to harass someone…..Not excusing what he did.. but you push someone so far till they snap

  • Tear-jerker

    The real tragedy is obesity in our nation, it’s the real killer and this is another tearjerker.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    That kid needed a couple nights with a cheap hooker.

    Some ass and this whole thing could’ve been avoided.

  • Common denominator

    Why are all the ginger kids killing? Him, Eric Frein, Dylan Roof, Adam Lanza, all gingers……

  • Charlie Dowd

    not a good day for the LGBT gang. The group is too big anyway. What the hell do gay men have in common with transgenders. I hate being lumped in with them!!!

  • magicmikexxsm

    Please if you people are going to kill yourselves just kill yourselves go out into the woods and do it, leave the rest of humanity alone….those 3 poor people did nothing to this dirt bag, and now they are gone……

    • Car

      This is the difference between a human and a cluster B personality disordered lunatic. Make no mistake about that loser was no human being.

    • magicmikexxsm

      This would not happen at Wegman’s………………………………..
      How do you know that?????? could happen anywhere any time…..are you clairvoyant? duh

      • wow yer hot

        Wegmans is a good store, Mike. It is very family friendly. I am convinced this would not have happened at Wegmans.

  • Chances are

    Chances are Weis has a no-weapons policy for their employees in their stores. How did that work out for them? Employers need to change their policies to allow CCW holders to discretely carry so they can defend themselves. Maybe if this coward knew that one of his co-workers might be armed, this might have ended differently. Instead we stigmatize guns and gun owners and make feel-good laws and policies that do nothing to protect the innocent.

    • Think about it

      Think about it – how many shootings like this do you see at a police station, stores that sell guns, or a shooting range? They have all been soft targets like schools, movie theaters, and ironically – military bases – where our own soldiers aren’t allowed to carry. How ridiculous is that? So for those that are down-voting, any realistic solutions that don’t infringe any rights?

      • The Truth

        The shooter’s legal access to firearms certainly didn’t help. How about you pro-gun zealots start policing your own? This kid was one of yours.

      • TypicalLiberal

        Um, criminals have the right to your life and property. They are entitled to it! Their life is hard! We need to ban guns.

      • Not Even Close

        One of our own? Yeah, a troubled “woman who was trapped in a man’s body” usually fits the calling card of the same people who call for gun control. Nice try though!

      • Think about it

        Dear NOT THE TRUTH, how do you know that he had ‘legal access’ to the weapons he used? So you say us ‘gun zealots’ need to police our own, eh? How do propose we do that? I know, let’s make it illegal for someone that is declared insane by a court of law to possess a firearm. Oh, already a law? Darn. Until you bleeding heart liberals get out of the way and stop crying ‘foul’ and ‘unfair’, more nut jobs will be walking among us. You glorify and praise the mentally ill (men that think they’re women and vice versa) for being ‘brave’ when in reality they need help. How many more like him are out there, but you just turn a blind eye and tell us to acknowledge their difference. He’s one of your own, and your recklessness in the pursuit of equality let him pull the trigger.

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