Remembering The Victims of the Supermarket Shooting

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EATON TOWNSHIP -- A vigil to honor the victims in the deadly supermarket shooting near Tunkhannock is set for 7 p.m. Thursday the Wyoming County Courthouse.

The event will be focused on the three victims of the shootings -- co-workers, moms and dads, loved by families in Wyoming and Susquehanna Counties.

Only a handful of workers covered the overnight shift at Weis Markets near Tunkhannock.

The team stocked shelves and prepared the place for the busy morning to come.

By all accounts, the three overnight workers who lost their lives worked hard, supported families, and led ordinary lives.

Terry Sterling of South Montrose leaves behind two young granddaughters. Family members say he was very proud of them and his son who was surrounded by family only hours after the shooting took place.

Victoria Brong of Factoryville leaves behind a 6-year-old little boy. A classmate of hers from the Tunkhannock Area School District remembered her caring for younger students on the school bus. Her neighbors called her quiet and kind.

Tracy Klepacz grew up with the third victim Brian Hayes. She's visiting from her new home in Oklahoma and came to the Weis Markets to pay her respects.

"I've known them all my life, very close, and to see this happen to them, they don't deserve it. They don't. They're a good family, been here forever, they worked here. Everyone's close-knit, it's all family," said Klepacz.

The Wyoming County commissioner's office has been flooded with calls offering help and the county's offering healing.

"I want people to know that we have grief counseling available, not only for our employees but for the people who work at Weis Markets and the county. There's help out there and we have it available through my office here in the county," said Wyoming County Commissioner Tom Henry.


  • LC

    I have no words. I am so sorry for all the victims and their loved ones. It’s such ashame. They were just at their jobs and then this happens..My God….. How dare that person….I don’t even want to say his name. It’s a sin that he had guns. I actually knew that person. He was a shy kid; wouldn’t even look you in the eye. He clearly had major issues, that just evolved into this false reality. It’s sad no one did anything.It’s sad that he was able to post all this twisted content on social media w/o alerting anyone. It’s so sad that all this was ignored…….My heart really goes out to all the victims and their families. If you are effected by this please seek support and if you don’t have anyone, and need someone, please reach out to a helpline. Just dial 2-1-1….

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Gun control will never find fix this.

    Mental health screening will never fix this.

    You’ll never catch the
    solitary psychopath.

    He even posted this crap ALL OVER THE INTERNET and we still didn’t catch him.

    Hug your families close tonight.

  • Archie Beal

    Rewrite the 2nd ammendment now to address the issues of the gun violence. Society is proving daily they are abusing the privilege. Time to tighten up.

    • Marian

      Rewriting the 2nd Ammendment is not the answer. These cowards will still get guns. I don’t have an answer, but this won’t help. It, in my opinion, will just keep guns from the lawful citizen’s who need to protect themselves from scum like this.

  • Mad Dog

    Another coward. Does he think he’s the only one struggling in life? He’s no “legend.” He’s another loser and a coward, who instead of just killing themselves, or getting help, he has to shoot innocent people. Drag his friggin body through the streets so we can spit on him.

    • Lee Kinsnach

      God is very busy punishing gays with Aids, choosing which football team in the Superbowl prayed harder, and making sure the most hated man in the world Donald Trump stays safe.

    • Mad Dog

      There’s been several hundred mass shootings in the last decade alone. After every one, our leaders say the same thing … “thoughts and prayers.” Maybe we should come together as a society and actually do something instead of relying on a folk figure. Or maybe god is twisted and enjoys things like this.

    • mystoryblog53117

      God is here. All you need to do is invite Him into your heart and life. Remember, He gave us free will. That shooter chose the path he was on, and will have to answer for it. As for the victims, yes it’s extremely sad, especially for the friends and family because they will miss them terribly, but hopefully, they chose the right path and are home with God. God does not want this, but He also doesn’t want to force anyone to choose Him. And please don’t reply with something hateful because I wrote about God. For one thing, you asked, and for another, there’s enough hatred, don’t you think? Thank you.

      • mystoryblog53117

        Such an educated, well-thought and well, just an absolutely wonderful response. You cannot reply with civility, so you must attack the responder. Guess you’re just as hateful as anyone. Did you think of that response all by yourself?

      • Patrick

        Thank you for your kind words around such a hurtful situation. Thank you…for spelling God properly. I’m glad someone wrote something fitting. We must all remember that God does not come to us, we go to him. He does not intervene, he does not punish nor does he give credit…God leaves us to the consequences of the actions of our lives.

        PS Ignore the Schmuc.

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