Shooting at Weis Market in Wyoming County Leaves Four Dead, Including Shooter

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EATON TOWNSHIP -- State police say four people are dead after a murder-suicide in Wyoming County.

Troopers say they received a call just before 1 a.m. Thursday that a man was shooting at people inside the Weis Market along Hunter Highway near Tunkhannock.

State police say the gunman killed one woman and two other men before turning the gun on himself.

Troopers identified the gunman as Randy Stair, 24, of Dallas.

The victims were identified as Terry Sterling, 63, of South Montrose;  Victoria Brong, 25, of Factoryville; and Brian Hayes, 47, of Springville.

The store was not open at the time of the shooting in Eaton Township.

Investigators said Stair was inside the store working since 11 p.m. Wednesday. For nearly two hours, Stair used pallets and other objects to block the doors of the supermarket, before he grabbed two pistol grip shotguns that he had with him in a duffle bag and brought them in the store. Stair began shooting, killing three of his co-workers. He continued firing shots throughout the store and then turned the gun on himself while still inside the store; he died of an apparent gunshot wound to the head.

One witness was able to get out of the store and call 911. Troopers and local police arrived on scene, entered the store and found four bodies inside.

"This is another senseless act that didn't have to happen," said Captain Jonathan Nederostek. "It's a tragedy and it's going to be a lot of recovery for the families involved."

With nearly 60 shots fired inside the store, Weis Markets officials do not know when the supermarket will reopen. Representatives with the Department of Agriculture are expected to inspect the store to see what can be salvaged and what cannot.


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  • Matthius

    This guy was a transgender, please note the media is not reporting that. It matters because that is what drove this person to do what they have done, the confliction over their gender dysphoria.

  • Bob

    Really hard to see how friends and family missed this in the making. Not placing blame, but am desperately looking at how this stuff can be prevented. I cannot believe it all just comes out of the blue especially with all the digital evidence over a period of time. This happened right across from my house and just points out how close to home this stuff hits.
    I feel for the families of both victims and the one who was apparently very ill.

  • Gayle Baar

    I don’t understand this. Why? If you want to end your life that badly, just do it and leave other people alone. So senseless.

  • Bob Steiner, Jr

    This is horrific. All the signs were there yet no one saw them. I worked night stocking fee years ago and one night one of my co-workers went off in me accusing me if spying on him on behalf of management. Luckily it was only a couple of punches and a big push. Got out if there fast. It could have been tragic like this case but wasn’t.
    My heart goes out to the families of the victims and that ,sadly, includes the shooter. More evidence that gun violence is more a mental health issue than we will admit.

    • Colonel Bob

      Shotguns are used for hunting. I thought people like you only want firearms that are used for hunting.

    • Know murder

      Are you this concerned when innocent people are killed by automobiles too, or just when guns are involved? How about deaths from heroin overdose? Or don’t they matter either since no trigger was pulled?

    • Jackie

      A gun didn’t go off on its own. A man, with some kind of mental issue, was the one pulling the trigger. Instead of worrying about gun control, how about you advocate for better research and funding into the mental health issues of this country instead of something that has been proven ineffective time and time again.

      In most cases, the only time someone can get treatment for a mental illness is when they harm themselves or others, not when there are warning signs or episodes. And, lets not forget that most insurances do not cover the treatments or therapy for these illnesses. But no, lets go after guns instead while the actual issue goes untouched. Logic at its finest.

      • Think about it

        Save your breath. They would rather coddle the insane and tell them there’s nothing wrong with them, and disarm the law-abiding public so they can’t defend themselves against the crazies. You can’t reason or debate with a liberal because they know that their thought pattern is half-crazy too.

    • Think about it

      You’re right, we should be like England and France. They haven’t had any trouble with people getting killed by those determined to commit murder.


        Yeah, because that’s exactly same as mental health issues and not about politics, history and religion. You’re an idiot. Mental health is much more complex than taking a gun away. Why are people still defending guns? Because they’re selfish individuals that care about their own self more than the lives of a couple people. Adults, teenagers, kids. I wonder how you sleep at night.


      Reply to the gun obsession comment…. this has nothing to do with American’s and guns ! This is about a mentally deranged individual.

    • Michelle

      It is so easy to blame the guns for their existence but lets dig into the root of this. He was a troubled kid that was struggling with gender issues. (whatever you believe about gender identity is irrelevant) he was not in the correct mental state. He was planning this for months. There was blogs and social media posts that went ignored for months. Guns are not the problem. Mental health is the first thing we need to get a handle on before we blame the objects. Do you blame your fork when you eat too much? no, your brain told your hand to pick up the fork. Just my perspective.

  • Sad

    This is so sad, I live in Harveys Lake and this is too close for comfort. This seems to be so common anymore in and around our area that it makes me fear to take my kids out. I feel very sorry for the families of these victims. The sad part is that this will be forgotten in the next few days because everyone will be talking about the next tragic event that happens.

  • HL resident

    sad news. so close to home. people just doing their jobs and they get killed. so sad. Prayers to the families of those killed.
    And to their killer, may you burn in hell for cutting these people’s lives short.

  • Mark

    Another reason why they dont give a ton of info out right away until they know its confirmed. Media and ppl will run with what they give out.

  • Joseph Smith

    Exactly. And it’s not just around here; the whole country is on its way to hell. Just a few days ago the New York Times reported that drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death for people under 50 yrs. old.
    But I don’t need any official reports to tell me what’s going on, all I have to do is drive down the street almost anywhere around here and look at how people drive these days. They’re aggressive, reckless, lawless and generally crazy.

  • Mark

    Because that incident is isolated. Meaning no further danger. There is not another shooter involved or another attack somewhere else linked to that incident isnt going to happen. So that incident is the only one and there isnt a worry of anything else happening. Which is why it is considered isolated.

  • emt711

    Yeah the coroner doesn’t get paid for every autopsy performed. But try again moron. Oh and instead of bitching about people trying to figure out what happened to the innocent victims why don’t you say a prayer for their family’s. You are what’s so very wrong with this screwed up world we live in you giant piece of turd.

    • Corruption 911

      But the coroner in Wyoming County profits when people pass because he owns the funeral home.

    • Joseph Smith

      “Yeah the coroner doesn’t get paid for every autopsy performed.”
      The coroner pays the pathologist a couple thousand dollars of taxpayers’ money, and the pathologist gives the coroner a few bucks for his “assistance” with the unnecessary autopsy. That’s how it usually works.
      “But try again moron.”
      You’re supposed to be looking at your monitor, not your mirror as you type your infantile statist apologia, Junior.
      “Oh and instead of bitching about people trying to figure out what happened to the innocent victims”
      What happened to the innocent victims is obviously a tragedy; to the extent I am “bitching” about anything I am “bitching” that there is no need for “government” to add insult to the injury, to disrespect the dead and the living, and to defraud the taxpayers.
      “why don’t you say a prayer for their family’s.”
      That would be “families”, not “family’s”, genius. And I have far more empathy for the victims than you do, Junior.
      “You are what’s so very wrong with this screwed up world we live in you giant piece of turd.”
      Pointing out government improprieties and wasteful spending makes me a “turd”? I bet you wouldn’t feel that way if if it was your elderly Mother’s house up for tax sale while “government” steals and spends money like water.

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