Disturbing Details in Shooter’s Social Media

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EATON TOWNSHIP -- A big question after the supermarket shooting Thursday morning in Wyoming County is – why? The shooter himself has provided at least some of those answers.

Randy Stair, 24, of Dallas, shot and killed three co-workers inside the Weis Market near Tunkhannock before taking his own life, early Thursday, according to state police.

Stair posted numerous video and audio files online along with a suicide note in which he talked about his legacy. We won't give him that platform but we went through file after file just trying to get a better idea of why he did this.

In a rambling note posted online, shooter Randy Stair said, "unfortunately by the time most of you read this, I will be dead. I will die at age 24 and will be where I truly belong."

For years, Randy Stair has had an online YouTube channel for his anime videos.

In a Twitter account linked to that came a series of tweets at just after midnight. They led to audio and video files and then a final tweet saying, "goodbye humans, I'll miss you."

There were videos of him at shooting ranges and numerous audio recordings, too, showing Stair had planned this for months.

One of those recordings detailed exactly what he planned to do at the supermarket, a description that matches what state police say happened overnight.

It is likely Randy Stair's letter that gives the most insight, however.

"I'm a girl who's been trapped in a man's body for two and a half decades, and I need to get the hell out. I don't belong on this planet, nor have I ever. I need to die, and I'm taking whomever I can down with me."

Stair wrote that a series of people close to him died starting in 2014.

He talked about financial woes.

He hoped his online videos would have brought success.

In the end, he wrote, "I'm not just ending my life. I will be ending the lives of others as well."

What we haven't been able to find yet is why Randy Stair took the lives of his co-workers, except it is clear reading and listening to this, he knew he would get a lot of attention by doing what he did.


  • Jerry Hoover

    This is very sad I wish to send condolances to the families. I think WNEP did exactly what they said they didnt want to do. You glorify the actions of the shooter. You rehash again and again the actions of this deranged person who wanted nothing more than 15 minutes of glory and you gave him that 4x over. The focus should be on the victims and not the perpetrator. It is the same old story perpatrator gets his pictures on the news and talk about his trouble life blah blah blah what about the victims?

  • So sad!

    Deuteronomy 22:5 KJV. The woman shall not wear that which pertainith unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God. All of these people blami g their actions on being part of the lgbt community need to read the old testament. God clearly states what you are and are not suppose to do. There are blessing and curses for all of your actions.. This country is turned upside down because no one wants to acknowledge God any more. This country needs to get on their knees, repent and ask our Lord for forgiveness. If that happens , watch how things change!! He is a forgiving and merciful God!!

    • Jerry Hoover

      There always has to be one Bible Thumper in the crowd. It amazes me that this thumper thinks that the LBQT community for his deranged feelings. The LBQT would have save this kid . But you being wrapped up in your Bible thumping activies make you short sighted. You people sicken me alway it is about the Bible well go ahead and thump it you hippocyrite -judge not yet your kind are always there ready to judge. You call yourself a christian I dont think so there is nothing christian about you or your statements.

  • Archie Beal

    Yes sir brilliant…100% serious…things are the way they because of the way people like you think. We need a change and it should start with the Bill of rights. Start over

  • les

    He was a freak. Case closed. And Facebook is for losers who seek attention because their reality sucks.

  • Sad Times

    Interesting how this isn’t being given near the coverage a shooting of this sort typically gets.

    A man did pretty much exactly the same thing a few days ago and it became an international story overnight.

    Guess why. The MtT angle. Nobody wants to risk linking GID with violence despite it being a delusional disorder like any other.

    It’s sick how gender policing has come so far. He needed help. Many people suffering the same disorder need help.

    Not coddling, not laws forcing others to play into their delusions, not surgery; therapy, meds, to accept reality.

    Best wishes to the victims families, shame on the media outlets brushing this under the rug for this agenda.

    • E

      Ha ha! No the reason why this story isn’t getting national attention is because absolutely NO ONE cares about you and your area, let alone the troubles you people bring upon yourselves and rightly deserve. National media attention ha ha ha! So I guess you like attention even if it’s negative attention huh? Lol

  • Mad Dog

    Stop showing his face and giving him attention. The media shares the blame every time one of these losers do this. Story after story about “why he did it,” and telling the story of his life. It’s exactly what he wanted. You’re just laying the case for every other deranged lunatic out there to get their 15 minutes. Stop showing his face, and instead of releasing his name, start referring to these shooters as “the coward.” America is the definition of Insanity. The media, politicians, and people, we never learn.

      • Poonus

        yeah- sure WNEP said that… but they also have seven stories about this up right now. this is what this pos wanted.. they should be saying a faceless coward committed these actions and is now dust. no need to make this loser famous.

    • El Ma

      Mad Dog, I’m curious why all of these articles are still up. This guy got the attention that he wanted – a friend of mine living 6 States away called me to let me know what was on the National News. UGH!!!!!!!!!

  • Archie Beal

    The 2nd ammendment needs to be modified and rewritten. Actually the whole bill of rights needs to be modified. Most definitely the 2nd and 4th ammendment. Firearms need to be brought under control. Society is not getting any better

    • Brilliant

      Yes sir! And while we’re at it let’s change the first one too. No more of that “free speech” nonsense. We need the government to decide what we see and hear. We shouldn’t be able to assemble peacefully or protest. No more negative news about the government either.
      Wow! Are you serious?

    • Jamie Virgil Christian

      I have to ask Archie Beal, what does it feel like to be a freaking idiot? He admitted he was mentally ill and, instead of fixing the illness, you want to remove guns? Do you cut your arm off if you have a toothache?


        Both of these things need to be looked at actually. Gun control needs to be more strict and mental health needs more research and attention. The guy had issues, yes. But he wouldn’t have shot a bunch of people if he wasn’t able to hold the gun he shot them with. Also, BRILLIANT, why the hell does changing one section of the bill of rights mean we have to change them all? Traditionalism and people who can’t understand that progression requires things made in the past need to be updated are what’s wrong with America.

  • noooooo

    Why couldn’t he just off himself? The second you murder someone is where my sympathy ends. Rest in Pieces.


    Nice job Mom and Dad…Great parenting. Nice job family members. Nice job friends (if he had any). Scary how many people are out here like this. Kept the yard nice. Saw him at church. Always said hello. Seemed happy.

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