Disturbing Details in Shooter’s Social Media

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EATON TOWNSHIP -- A big question after the supermarket shooting Thursday morning in Wyoming County is – why? The shooter himself has provided at least some of those answers.

Randy Stair, 24, of Dallas, shot and killed three co-workers inside the Weis Market near Tunkhannock before taking his own life, early Thursday, according to state police.

Stair posted numerous video and audio files online along with a suicide note in which he talked about his legacy. We won't give him that platform but we went through file after file just trying to get a better idea of why he did this.

In a rambling note posted online, shooter Randy Stair said, "unfortunately by the time most of you read this, I will be dead. I will die at age 24 and will be where I truly belong."

For years, Randy Stair has had an online YouTube channel for his anime videos.

In a Twitter account linked to that came a series of tweets at just after midnight. They led to audio and video files and then a final tweet saying, "goodbye humans, I'll miss you."

There were videos of him at shooting ranges and numerous audio recordings, too, showing Stair had planned this for months.

One of those recordings detailed exactly what he planned to do at the supermarket, a description that matches what state police say happened overnight.

It is likely Randy Stair's letter that gives the most insight, however.

"I'm a girl who's been trapped in a man's body for two and a half decades, and I need to get the hell out. I don't belong on this planet, nor have I ever. I need to die, and I'm taking whomever I can down with me."

Stair wrote that a series of people close to him died starting in 2014.

He talked about financial woes.

He hoped his online videos would have brought success.

In the end, he wrote, "I'm not just ending my life. I will be ending the lives of others as well."

What we haven't been able to find yet is why Randy Stair took the lives of his co-workers, except it is clear reading and listening to this, he knew he would get a lot of attention by doing what he did.


  • Stop The Insanity

    Rather than putting these “people” on a pedestal and giving them special rights, start institutionalizing them and treat this serious disorder!
    Not us. The courts actually order taxpayers to pay for their surgeries.

  • Common Denominator

    Why are all the ginger kids killing? Him, Eric Frein, Dylan Roof, Adam Lanza, all gingers……

  • Mental Jobs Confused..

    And here we praise the “courage” of those that are sexually confused and give these CHILDREN the privilege of using a restroom not intended for them physically. Maybe instead of restroom privileges we should be giving them ALL Mental Help!!

  • Real American

    I have depression, I play video games, and I love guns. Never once have I wanted to take out my frustration on others by shooting someone. I got to the gym and take out frustration on the weights while improving my body.
    It has nothing to do with the inanimate objects people blame, it’s a mental health issue.

  • The Truth

    “There were videos of him at shooting ranges…”

    Yet his fellow pro-gun nuts did nothing. They probably even encouraged him, trained him how to do this.

    • Think about it

      That’s because every time we say that men that think they’re women are nuts you people start foaming at the mouth and say there is nothing wrong with them. You may not have pulled the trigger, but you allowed someone that should have been committed to walk among us. Your anti-gun stance also prevented those good people (and many others) from defending themselves. You trained him to be a psychopath and said its OK to be ‘different’.

      • DJ

        This is just straight up retarded. If its true that not all gunmen are transgendered (which it is), one must conclude there is more than one reason to go on a killing spree (which there is). He clearly was in a bad way but deciding this one detail is the reason he did it and saying people who share his issues re: gender need to be locked up is ludicrous and you know it. You bigots will pounce on anything you think helps your hateful agenda, wont you?

        You need Jesus. And possibly some anti-psychotics.

      • anywoman2

        This trans cult glamorizes suicide, and attracts the suicidal depressed that need help, denying that it mostly consists of mentally ill men, confused teens, and autogynephilia driven men that basically flash women their erections from under a skirt, is dangerous for women and children in public. They constantly rant about raping lesbians for not providing free sex to them.. Google [cotton ceiling]

      • Think about it

        Dear DJ, I’ve got Jesus (or rather, He has me) – which allows me and any other true Christian to have the discernment, understanding, and common sense to realize that homosexuality and transgenderism is a sin and mental illness. Just as not all Muslims are terrorists, the same goes for the mentally ill. You missed my point altogether. A very vocal segment of society pushes the LBGT agenda and ‘popular’ media glorifies and glamorizes transgenderism. This opens the door for anyone that truly needs help to say that maybe there really isn’t anything wrong with them, until they realize there is and then they feel hopeless and alone. Again, the liberal agenda and Godlessness produced this killer.

    • Kurt Mesa

      You can watch the video, he’s clearly not “at a gun range”, it’s his own backyard, and there’s no one else in the video as evidenced by him setting up his own camera.

      He makes no attempt to shoulder his shotgun and shoots from the hip. Out of four rounds he only hits a milk jug once at a distance of about 15 feet.

      So in other words, literally nothing about your post is true…

  • Pete

    “unfortunately by the time most of you read this, I will be dead. I will die at age 24 and will be where I truly belong.”
    Burning in Hell for all eternity.

  • Really?

    “We won’t give him that platform” – but then proceed to tell us of all the sites he used, show us photos, and play audio files. The only good thing about seeing his photo is knowing what crazy looks like, has the same look in his eyes as all the loony shooters before him.

  • wannabeinformed

    This guy was pi$$ed off because he wanted to play video games….and had to go to work instead.
    This has NOTHING to do with gender or whatever… stop the ” trying to understand” bleeding heart attitude, please!!!

  • pot smoker

    Here I figured a jealous man and it was just a nut misfit who thought the world owed him , just a worthless human who thought of hurting others with his life.

  • Professorgetaclue

    Social media sucks !!!its for 40 year olds stuck in high school, a breeding ground for terrorists and child molesters. Yet nepa parents post attention seeking kid pics and videos constantly on fb. its also a forum for the lonely deranged nutcase like this. To unleash his anger in a online platform.

    • El Ma

      Professorgetaclue, social media was a “good idea,” at the outset. But, with whatever “good” it accomplished, it has spiraled into the most narcissistic venue in the history of humanity. I personally detest social media – watch people whip out their smart phones so they can post that they’re in a restaurant where their “friends” aren’t. Watch people text and “Tweet” about their………..feelings. It’s all b.s. because NONE of their “friends” really cares. Which of those people call one another or meet face-to-face to spend time together.

      Sadly, the genie is out of the bottle and there’s no putting it back. I wish that smart phones and social media didn’t exist, but they do. Children of 7 years of age sleep with their smart phones beneath their pillows and learn how to “sext” before they even know what the ramifications are to that activity!

      (sigh) I don’t know what the answer is, but I know it’s not going to be an easy one.

      • El Ma

        …….to clarify, it’s not just NEPA parents. These people are across the nation. One woman in her late 50’s posted over 200 photos on FB of her new grandchild within the first month that the baby was born. That was the first indication that things had gotten out of hand. Then, I began to notice the types of posts that “friends” were making, and none of them were about reality. THEN, the news broke that FB and other social media networks were selling member profiles for use in marketing, advertising, social experiments, and political manipulations. That was the end – I deleted my account and I haven’t missed it, one iota.

      • Professorgetaclue

        just to clarify i lived in four different states over the last 15 years and I easily could tell you NEPA by far is the worst with the kids postings and high school centric garbage. I guess since its such a depressing area, people who settle there have to compensate on social media!

      • Typical WNEP

        @El Ma
        But now companies are interested in your social media profiles when you apply to work…
        “OH you don’t have a facebook?… What are you hiding?!”

  • Givemeabreak

    We have good and bad people. It’s that simple. It’s always been this way and will always be this way.


    depressed every day….. yet i know i still have lots of good in my life not to hurt myself,,,,,, or ever hurt anyone else…. I do not understand??? take your own life if you must… but why take innocent people with you… God bless them and their families…

  • LC

    Evil. Everything about this is evil.

    I get he had mental health problems, but to lash out in this way; that’s just evil. His family must have had some sort of idea of what he was doing; I mean he’s been making videos for years. I don’t know if they tried to help him, but it’s clearly too late. All we can do, as a society, is use him as an example. Learn about signs of mental distress and teach them to your family members. Don’t ignore these signs; they are very serious. Help exists out there!

    If you see a classmate, a neighbor, coworker, family member, etc. whose acting strange then alert someone! Alert a teacher, supervisor, the cops, etc. I knew this person in school. I’m completely shocked he did this. Back then he was just this extremely shy kid who wouldn’t look you in the eye, but seemed harmless…It’s just such a shame that he went on to do this. All that stuff he had on social media; I can’t believe it went unnoticed for literally years online. We need more cyber law enforcement monitoring these sites..

    My deepest condolences to the family members who all lost loved ones, and to the shooter’s family. I’m sure they are very upset and sadden by these events. I have no idea how all this must feel to everyone involved. It’s truly very tragic and sad. Please, to those effected by this seek help yourself and seek support from loved ones. Don’t be afraid to seek help with the grief and loss you may be experiencing. Please take care of yourselves.

  • Angie

    ugh yet another loser killing innocent people and then wussin’ out and killing himself or herself as stated. so sick of all the excuses. everyone has bad days and bad things happen to them and now because of this pathetic tool other families and friends have to suffer. Rest in hell and god bless the other families involved for their loss

  • Rurbanite

    All the more reason we need to be supportive and affirming of people who do not conform to the cuisgender model. Plus we need as a society to stop glorifying a gun culture that weaponizes things that used to be settled in less violent ways. Note the contrast with the 1970s incident that was critiqued in the film “Dog Day Afternoon.” Will its sequel be “Weis Man Morning”?

      • Rurbanite

        That’s not what I said. We are responsible for our own actions, but when we overload people with messages about sexuality and weaponry, this creates a lethal combination. Why don’t we all respect one another’s identities and forswear the use of weaponry in our discourse?

    • Sad

      He was unhappy with himself and his life but that’s absolutely no excuse or reason to destroy other innocent victims and families by taking their loved ones away from them. A selfish, sick person who had no business being anywhere near weapons. That lesson has now been learned too late for far too many!

    • El Ma

      Rurubanite, there are 2 genders: male; female. That’s it, that’s all. What anyone else prefers or “identifies” as is a strictly personal issue and DOES NOT need to be part of general discussion. People claim to “identify” as different things because they are LOST. They have nobody to guide them to meet reasonable expectations, what acceptable behaviors are (and, aren’t), and how to be a productive member of society. That’s the simple core of this sudden explosion of people claiming to be a “uni-gender, non-binary, quasi-femme, ultra-pan” identity. It’s ridiculous, unacceptable, and absolutely NO EXCUSE for what Stair chose to do in a fit of simmering anger.

      There was once a time when people knew who they were, even if they weren’t heterosexual. Today? Throw a handful of labels up into the air and see what lands, face-up, and that’s what we’re going to identify as on June 9.

    • ActualWomenHaveOvaries

      No, we do not. We need to treat these trans people with therapy instead of normalizing lies and untruths by allowing them to claim they can change sex. Transgenderism is rooted in deception and Newspeak. We do not allow for the amputation of healthy limbs for a “transamputee” and people claim transracialism isn’t the same as transgenderism but it is. Treat with therapy because any man who is so delusional that he thinks he’s a woman IS NOT A SAFE PERSON TO BE AROUND EVER

      • El Ma

        Actualwomenhaveovaries, yep. I totally agree. When the DSM V was revised, ALL sexual and gender dysphoria were thrown out the window. It was the most contentious revision of this diagnostic tool, to date. Professionals who disagreed with these revisions either walked out of the panel (never to return), or they were fired because they wouldn’t acquiesce. What does this say about our contemporary culture? We’re heading to the same end as Ancient Rome.

        This fellow was just angry. He was pissed off probably because his parents divorced when he was a kid. He didn’t deal with whatever he experienced and blamed the rest of the world for his personal issues, whatever they were. Transgender was just an excuse. It’s like that kid, “Leelah” Alcorn, that threw himself in front of a truck because he claimed that his parents wouldn’t accept his transgender identification. Really? Not only did he do himself off, but the driver of that truck will never, ever get over what happened.

        Special Snowflake Syndrome. The psychiatrists and psychologists need to UNDO the DSM V and make gender and sexual dysphoria medical conditions, again, so that these people can find better treatment and better research can be done to help the ones that really are transwhatever. It’s not normal, and I don’t care if anyone gets offended by that statement, either.

      • El Ma

        THAT is messed up to the Nth Degree………..reposting that drivel, to what end? So you get more “likes?” More “Friend Requests?” Oh………….my…………….gawd……………….get some help for yourself.

  • Hurt people hurt others. Mercy people! It start's with YOU!!!

    How could people be so cruel. Surely this human was hurting. Be thankful you don’t hurt like he did. Good Lord, hurting people hurt people. Maybe if you all weren’t so cruel in your judgements, he wouldn’t have come to this horrific crime. Be kinder to the humans in the world and we may not see this. It starts with you and I.

    • El Ma

      If the killer had taken his own life and that was the end of it, I would have the deepest and most profound compassion for whatever was eating him alive. Instead, he wanted to watch the world burn before he burned himself up. That’s a HUGE difference between suicide and murder/suicide.

    • Wendy Fiolek

      Oh, please. Don’t even begin to justify what he did. There is no excuse. I have hurt too in my life, but I don’t go around killing people.

      • Know murder

        Not yet. And neither did he until the other day. We’re all capable of killing other people, it’s been in our nature since the beginning of time. Everyone has a breaking point, most of us haven’t been pushed to it. When you run out of reasons to live you start thinking about ways to die.

      • El Ma

        “Know Murder,” your name says it all. And, your comment indicates that Stair had a valid excuse for murdering innocent coworkers that had absolutely nothing to do with his personal angst.

        The world isn’t perfect. It will never be perfect. People want to be accepted? Then they need to start behaving in within acceptable boundaries. This is no excuse. And, to suggest that we will all cross that boundary, one day, is thoroughly deplorable. Not so. MOST people have what is termed as, “a moral compass.” Clearly, this facet of humanity is quickly being abandoned for excuses and labels.


      • know murder

        Who said anything about a valid reason or excuse for murdering innocents? You’re putting words in my mouth. I’m simply saying that every person is capable – but (fortunately) only a small percentage of people are evil or ill enough to carry it out. Most people have a moral compass you say? Try driving the speed limit once, not 1 MPH over – see how many people go flying past you. Put a $20 bill on the ground in a shopping center parking lot – see how long it takes for someone to pocket it. Leave your wallet or purse in a shopping cart – see what happens to it. So this moral compass thing, does it just apply to murder – or all the other laws and rules we’re not supposed to break? Don’t try to lecture me on morals, the world, or society. My screen name says it all – does it now? It could also be a play on words – like NO murder – but you’re much smarter than that. Tool…

    • Sad

      These innocent victims left their families, went to work to do their jobs and he decided to kill them and hurt their families because he was unhappy with his life. What did they do to him to deserve that? Where was his concern for hurting them? Wasn’t he being cruel to them and their families? Why does he get pity and excused for murdering others and destroying their families?

    • Stop Glorifying Killers

      In your phrase “it starts with you and i”,I do believe the shooter had two choices yo make. A right one and a wrong one. He chose the wrong one.

    • hoodgrown

      How could we be so cruel? How can you be so damn naive? Suffering is part of the human experience. We’ve all gone or are going through some type of hurt, loss, etc and yes some have gone/go through a lot more than others… Regardless, that doesn’t give you the right and go out there and harm others. He had presence of mind to post that he was depressed, that he was going to kill others, etc. Then he could have used that same presence of mind to go and get some damn help. Stop making excuses for people… because honestly.. I think ANYONE who just goes out there and kills innocent people have “mental illnesses” because that’s something “normal” people just don’t do. The jails are full of them.

    • AS

      I don’t have any sympathy for someone who learns about Columbine and finds inspiration in it to do their own evil acts.
      I’ve been through some crap in my life, too, wanted to kill myself MANY times, have been pretty close to it, yet I’m not going to go shoot my coworkers.
      There are so many people who’ve had tough lives, yet they don’t go around killing people.

    • Givemeabreak

      The internet is an ugly place. People feel comfortable saying whatever, whenever they want because they are hiding behind their keyboards. Just like most do on here with their hateful comments. Hate breeds more hate.

  • so_sad

    Truth. Hard to pity him woman trapped in a man’s body all depressed and suicidal when you take innocent people down with you and your misery!

  • Roo

    Concerned, you are not concerned at all. This human being was in pain and probably had some mental health issues (not related to her feeling trapped in the wrong gender). Let’s just hope the families of ALL involved get some understanding and time to deal with their loss.

    • so_sad

      google “mental illness is not an excuse,” and see how many hits you get..i suppose you pity lanza, klebold, and harris too? and anybody who claims mental illness can just go out and start picking people off? Killing children? They’re not sick. They’re evil.

      • L

        E is so misguided they don’t realize that coal mining no longer exists in this area–but jumps to stereotyping hate speech under the guise of anonymity. Tragedy for all families involved.

    • Beth

      Almost all murder-suicides are committed by men. Almost all mass shootings are committed by men.
      Almost all violence committed against unsuspecting innocents in public places are by men.
      Calling this person, however much he was suffering, “she” because he says he “feels” like a girl is a disrespect to every single person who has ever been the subject of a pattern of violence that is UNIQUELY male.

      • les

        Breath in slowly and fully through your nose, and exhale slowly and fully with your mouth.
        Not all men are evil tyrants.

      • Jj

        There’s a common denominator in this tragedy and almost every other criminally deranged act, and it runs true in almost any case as long as mankind has existed.Its so simple and obvious it’s almost never figured in the equation.Its not gender, the world is full of good people,man and women, It’s not guns,trucks or knives, safe to say most are used properly. The solution, which is impossible to attain, will happen when man is able to remove the element of evil from the hearts of mankind, Until then, things like this will continue to happen.

      • Feminazi

        Next to every good man there is a good woman. Next to every murderer, rapist, bomber, and gender-confused man is a woman like you that pushed them over the edge. How about organizing another march or protest if that makes you feel better. Still have your pink ‘pussy’ hat from a few months ago?

      • Careful throwing those stones in your glass house

        And EVERY abortion (AKA murder) is caused by a woman that made a conscious decision to terminate a life. How many millions are we up to now?

    • Choppy (@choppinfirewood)

      Why do people always think mental illness is an “excuse” or “justification”? It’s not, it’s a contributing factor along with a lot of other factors. People who are bringing up the mental illness part are not making excuses. Read people.Get out, go for a walk, get off social media… responses like the ones that are made here are exactly why people do not seek treatment, especially young men.

    • I wear chromosome genes

      Did you just refer to the killer as ‘her’? If so, you’re just as sick, delusional, and deranged as the shooter.

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