Cold Case Investigators Dig in Yard for Barbara Miller’s Remains

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MILTON -- For a second day, investigators in Northumberland County were back at a house in Milton investigating a possible break in a decades-old cold case.

Sunbury police believe Barbara Miller Is buried inside a house or in the yard.

Miller disappeared almost 28 years ago and her body was never found. She was declared dead in 2002 and the case is being treated as a homicide.

Following up on a tip, investigators are at a house on North Front Street in Milton. People live in this home but Sunbury Police Chief Tim Miller, who is not related to the victim, says the homeowners are not suspects.

According to the search warrant, the prime suspect is Joseph Egan who goes by the nickname Mike. He is a former Sunbury police detective and court papers identify him as Barbara Miller's former boyfriend.

Investigators involved in the search are using radar equipment, a mini excavator, and cadaver dogs.

Chief Tim Miller says he is confident Barbara Miller's body is there and he believes more than one person is involved in the homicide.

The head of the search and rescue team says those dogs are giving them signals, and there is something to be found.

"We had six dogs in and all six dogs are giving an indication of human remains or some source of human materials in the foundation of the building," said Bruce Burton, the Chief of Northeast Search and Rescue. "The dogs are trained specifically to do cadaver so they're looking for human remains specifically and all six of those dogs are giving us indications."

The chief has a message for the prime suspect.

"The truth of the matter is I'm not leaving. I'm taking the walls with me. Now is the time to come forward before I rip this man's house apart. Come talk to me, my door's open," said Chief Miller.

Chief Miller says people in this community have loaned investigators construction equipment for this case. Miller is asking people in central Pennsylvania who are in construction, if you have tools you think would be useful, stop by the site on North Front Street in Milton.


  • RicU.

    They are looking for Hillary’s lost emails.
    I am still betting they are looking for JIMMY HOFFA.
    Any best think they will find the other LONE GUNMEN for the Kennedy assassination? You choose which Kennedy.

  • Don Shaw

    I think the chief really needs to zip up his smart mouth. This case hasn’t been solved, people are hurting for Mrs. Miller’s loss and his department has a case to solve not a media circus to conduct. His acting out will just be more pain for the family if his words do not turn into results.
    And really asking people for help on this? Construction people are now experts in forensics? Is there some reason he’s not asking the state police for help?


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