New Township Historical Marker in the Poconos Uses Modern Technology

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP -- If you drive through one part of the Poconos, you might notice new historical markers in certain places.

Tobyhanna Township officials have placed more than 20 of these special markers at locations of historical significance.

Before the Jubilee Restaurant near Mount Pocono became a family-run restaurant, it was home to a summer resort. The Naomi Pines House was a tourist hot spot in the late 1800s, owned by the Miller family.

The place burned down in 1949 but its memory will last a lifetime in the form of a local historical marker.

"I am glad to see it. At least someone is thinking about it," said Joseph Miller of Tobyhanna Township.

Tobyhanna Township officials have placed 25 of these markers in places with historical significance.

The VanGilder family, who owns the Jubilee Restaurant, decided to sponsor a marker to remember the former Naomi Pines House.

"This is awesome," said Bill VanGilder. "I mean, it's great to not only recognize the place, but recognize the history and make sure we have a firm hold on what the facts were and what was here. I think it makes this property more special."

The historical markers are also high-tech, so if you are looking for a little bit more information, all you have to do is download a scanning app, hold your phone on the bar code, and it will direct you right to the marker website.

Rick Bodenschatz is a Tobyhanna Township marker adviser. He says the Naomi House was given a marker because it was one of the first active commercial properties in the area.

"We look for significance to historical impact in the community. there is so much more, but we needed to keep it to what impacts the whole community," said Bodenschatz.

For more information on the Tobyhanna Township markers and a map of where you can find them, click here.