Mother Admits to Attack on Assistant Principal

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POTTSVILLE -- A mother has admitted to attacking an educator in Schuylkill County.

Carisa Rhoads from Frackville pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and retaliation of a witness Wednesday morning.

Rhoads was sentenced to one to two years in prison.

Rhoads was charged with beating Janel Hansbury, an assistant principal in the North Schuylkill School District, after a hearing at the county courthouse in January.

Investigators say Rhoads attacked Hansbury after she testified at a Children and Youth hearing involving Rhoads' daughter.


  • In a galaxy far far away

    Looks like Miss Trunchbull! Looks like she could wrestle a grizzly bear….and win.

  • Longjohn

    From the sounds of all these comments it really sounds like north schuylkill is a shittier area than Perry County. That’s pathetic

  • maroons

    North Schuyllkill always had the dumbest and scummiest parents when we played them. Their coaches always seemed like they were better suited for janitorial duty. Who would put those people in charge of kids? Go Tide!

    • gospartans

      Like pottsville is much better Maroons! , Driving down peacock street is like driving off-road, it hasn’t been paved since 1962. Fairlaine mall is close to its demise as well. Downtown dont have much anymore there but Roma, Better baseball field and pool than Frackville thats about it. I mean Frackvilles multipurpose field looks like it didnt get its grass cut in years with the original fences from 1944. The pool was closed for years but they got some grant or something here. IT might open for once this year.

      • maroons

        Does Frackville still have a car cruise? I didn’t think so. Once they close that prison Frackville is doneso

      • DAVEY

        What we need in Frackville is some more beauty pageants. From the mugshot I think I have a favorite.

      • Skob

        Yah, beauty pageants and idol contests. TONS of molesters in the area so what industry would thrive better? Now that the mall is closed they have the underage idol contest one of those distribution centers


    Mom and daughter in same class. Daughter gets better test score and Mom attacks teacher. Now I get it.

  • Burner

    Big girl. Prolly works at Wal-Mart distribution hurling boxes. gotta be prepared for the angry husky ones. People have nothing to lose that live in those dump towns.


      Nothing wrong with Walmart distribution Bub, I worked there. SEDCO is making Skook great again!. But the lack of shopping here worries me. Skook Mall closing, Nearest Walmart 5-6 miles away. Dollar store is 4 miles away in 462. Rite aide the big store now in town and its like 10 bucks for a pair of socks. I mean makes me wonder why people spend tons of money here to pay taxes and live.

    • Philliesfan4

      If you compare that area from 10-20 years ago to now it’s apparent that something is so wrong its downright abhorrent. The area looks like crap and the people that live there…well they all need help. They should make one of those 1-800 commercials for people to donate. Just show pictures of the people at high school football games and their row homes. Lots of people will feel sorry for them.

      • gospartans

        Nothing Wrong with having pride with high school I have been stuck in 1989 now for almost 30 years and as far as purchasing row homes. anything decent looking here is way over priced for the area, not to mention the high tax rates.

      • Skooker

        I grew up here and we’re gettin better everyday. That KFC is coming next to where the schuylkill mall was, I’m tellin ya. Landfills bring in huge money man. The family that takes the garbage here is the richest people around. Some people dont know what there talkin about. I just got a raise at work. $12/hr now, so go be jellous


    This individual is from Frackville as well I believe. There is some crazy people in this neck of the woods. But I lock my doors at night, carry mace when I beat feet through the alleys on my modeling runs. If the brawl at KG graduation was enough here along with the recent murders and bank robbery. But this wont stop my career in frackville.

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