Hawaii Enacts Laws Adopting Paris Climate Deal Pledges

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HAWAII — Hawaii on Tuesday became the first state in the country with laws that implement portions of the Paris climate deal.

Gov. David Ige signed two laws that aim to reduce greenhouse emissions and mitigate climate change through carbon sequestration, a process to store atmospheric carbon monoxide.

“Our island communities lead the way when it comes to climate change impacts and policies,” Ige told reporters. “We also need to be first when it comes to creating solutions.

“We see the impacts of our actions very close to home.”

The signing of Hawaii’s laws comes nearly a week after President Donald Trump announced he will withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The landmark accord signed by 195 countries intends to cut emissions and keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.

“The measure adopted relevant sections of the Paris Agreement as state law, which gives us legal basis to continue adaptation and mitigation strategies for Hawaii despite the federal government’s withdrawal from the treaty,” state Sen. J. Kalani English said about the new laws.

Following Trump’s announcement, numerous states and cities across the United States vowed to continue honoring the goals of the Paris Agreement. Hawaii is the only state that has taken legal action.

“In order for Hawaii to be an active participant in going green and looking at alternative energies, we want to be the first, and we want to be the trendsetter for the world,” Wil Okabe, Hawaii County’s managing director, told CNN affiliate KHON-TV in Honolulu.

Hawaii is part of the US Climate Alliance, an entity created last week by the governors of California, New York and Washington state to share information, environmental best practices and implement new programs “to reduce carbon emissions from all sectors of the economy.”

“While the President’s actions are a shameful rebuke to the work needed to protect our planet for our children and grandchildren, states have been and will continue to step up,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said in a statement.


  • I Am the Antipope

    Ok, I get the legality of the US taking control of Hawaii is questionable, but isn’t it illegal for a US state to enter into treaties with outher countries without the US Congress’ approval?

  • cheap tightwad

    Their volcano is one of the sites where they check for global warming and carbon dioxide.

  • Jason

    I think it’s great that states govern themselves in such a manner! Let the states decide! However, I am curious how much money Hawaii will be giving to underdeveloped countries so they too are contribute to a cleaner future?? Maybe they are bargaining in coconuts and pineapples.

  • Saiyaman

    I don’t know why your all worried about what the people of another state want and support. Conservatives areally supposed to mind their own business, unless you don’t agree with it.

  • john williams

    How is Hawaii preventing from being affected by all the radioactive fallout from Fukishima Japan? By signing on to the climate accord is it protecting them? BTW, there are now NO yellowfin tuna in the pacific not affected by radiation.

  • Larry Morris

    How stupid can people be? Nowhere did Trump state that you are no longer able to practice climate driven agendas, we simply won’t be financing the other nations while we do our own things! Wake up you kool aid drinkers!

  • scurfie

    Global cooling, I mean global warming, I mean CLIMATE CHANGE. Yeah, that’s the ticket. The new religion all bow
    down and pray to mother earth.

    • Feed Me More

      if you dont like it here build a space ship and fly yourself to the moon, o wait you cant, so take care of our only home

  • Roo

    It is stunning, how stupid people are….anyone who still believes that climate change is not real. Well only uneducated trumpettes…..

    • WarningFakeNews

      At this point, let them have their own “nation states”, we would all be better off in the still sane states.

  • frank rizzo

    They obviously don’t buy coal there, so they would not have been forced to buy coal from another country anyway if they chose to still use it.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Soooooo, is he plugging the volcano vents with concrete?

    Hey, at least Hawaii is surrounded by water and we can save money by not walking them off like we have to with the rest of the west coast states!

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