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For the Love of Art and Tamaqua

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TAMAQUA -- Whether driving or walking, you can’t miss the hearts sitting in the heart of downtown Tamaqua.

"Tamaqua Has Heart" placed 13 of the carefully crafted hearts on Broad Street where people can walk right up and look at them.

“We saw this as an opportunity, as a way to draw attention to those great and wonderful things that are happening here, as well as showcasing some empty store fronts and, hopefully, find somebody to fill them,” said Leona Rega of the Tamaqua Art Center.

The fiberglass hearts created by artists in town will be on display until Labor Day. Then they will be auctioned off to help cover costs at the Tamaqua Art Center.

The hearts were unveiled on Memorial Day, and since then, organizers say that the hearts have been all the talk in Tamaqua.

"It's awesome that Tamaqua has been able to institute this public art project. It's another example of a way our community can come together to do things,” said Linda Yulanavage of Tamaqua.

While creativity is being celebrated, organizers were happy that some chose to represent the coal and train industry on their hearts.

“We are very excited that this project can reflect on our past history and talk about the wonderful things that were once here and the way it was a highlight for the local area,” said Rega.

Richard Lynch took his family to look at the hearts in Tamaqua. He hopes these hearts inspire a new generation of artists.

“It will expand their mind and it will let them learn new and different things,” said Lynch.

Tamaqua Art Center plans to have a meet and greet with the artist Thursday evening.


  • Wallace

    Druggies always make the best art. Thats why this is in Tamaqua. Between Tamaqua Ashland and Girardville there’s more drugs than than Big Pharma produces in a week

  • crippler

    We drove through this Tamaqua town a few months ago. I seen nothing but old decapitated row homes, drugged out people roaming the main street and like hardly any places to ear or shop. there was a burger king there, wow! So people now make arts and crafts here, great! but, I guess you dont see the big picture.

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