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Floating Restaurant Possible on Harveys Lake

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HARVEYS LAKE -- Edye Schneider of Scranton envisions a restaurant floating right out on Harveys Lake. She put those plans into motion in February. She presented the idea to the Harveys Lake zoning board Tuesday night and met quite a bit of resistance.

"I've really looked into how to make this safe for the community, how to make this a viable thing to do because it really hasn't been done before," Schneider said.

A dream Schneider had such high hopes about just a few days ago, she is now taken back with all of the negative feedback.

At Tuesday night's zoning board meeting, Schneider presented the idea, but people who live and boat on the water had a lot to say, concerned about things like safety of other boaters and trash in the water.

"I was a bit shocked at the adversarial attitude toward changes and towards something innovate and progressive that really I believe will help the community," Schneider explained.

"If she can do it, more power to her. Me, I see a lot of problems," said Duke Dalley of Lehman Township.

Dalley is on Harveys Lake five or six times a week. He runs bass tournaments every Wednesday all summer long. The floating restaurant would use the public boat launch to ferry people out, which Dalley thinks could interfere with people already using the launch.

"The restaurant closes at 9:00, at 9:00 I've got 25 plus boats coming off this launch weighing fish in right here," Dalley explained.

Another concern people have is parking. The parking lot at the boat launch was quiet Wednesday afternoon, but it's usually packed on Friday nights and weekends once it starts getting warmer.

"I think she'd be better off, there's some properties for sale around here on the lake. I think she would be better off trying to buy one of those," Dalley said.


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    Typical of people in NEPA, condemn something that they know very little about, and probably never seen the plans explaining how the restaurant will operate and how the mechanics behind the scenes will handle waste, water, bathrooms….etc. This is not a new idea, it’s been done other places. If I was Edye Schneider I would not even bother. Let everyone go back to mining coal. Once thing I do know is, the people in Northeastern Pa. HATE CHANGE.

  • What Lake?

    Welcome to the “Land of Opportunity” aka Harvey’s Lake. Where if you have $$$, the motto for you is BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME. The lake has all but disappeared from the roadway all along Lakeside Drive due to dock houses that have all but obliterated the once beautiful view from Lakeside Drive. All you see now is rooftops and structures well over 12 feet tall that protrude onto the lake surface well over 50 feet…GOT ZONING?
    Now the surface of the lake is going to be occupied by floating restaurants? This “California Dream” would NEVER FLOAT on any waterway in California…NEVER! But alas! I guess were not in CALI anymore Dorothy…Oh! I mean Mrs. Schneider…WELCOME TO THE LAND (LAKE) OF OPPORTUNITY.

  • pot smoker

    Major pollution issues that can never be solved , Building codes , Ownership of the space ? And who gives right to construct a “permanent ” structure there ? All it could ever be is a nuisance and eyesore . Probably real plans are a bar / strip joint and bring in gambling and druggies . So why can’t this fool buy land for his business where it won’t interfere with environment ?

  • loseurattitude

    I’ve dealt with the NEPA public having realistic and intelligence reasons for not wanting progress and change in the past such as; A 14 story building for downtown Wilkes Barre across from YMCA, would have apartments, business, restaurants, multi-level parkade. Reason for not being built; Complaints – that it would cast a shadow on the Victorian style houses and buildings in the downtown. Saturn Automotive Plant, Hazelton, Pa. Railway from Wilkes-Barre to Scranton to New York City. Wall Street West built in Stroudsburg. None of projects happened. I wonder if people realize the sun moves in the sky and that shadow would be cast on the buildings for a short period of time.

  • loseurattitude

    I’m sure she addressed the ‘logistical’ processes in her business plan. As for water she’ll be floating on plenty, can be filtered, or water can be stored in storage tanks. Electricity? Backup generators come to mind, many mobile restaurants use this method. Handicap access? Well would a handicap person be in a boat or operating one? So rather than point out all the problems or negatives, why not let Edye Schneider present her solutions. I don’t want to judge her since I didn’t speak her directly to her, and hear what and how she plans on making it all work.

    • joemama1980

      Handicapped people can’t so boating? Filtered lake water probably won’t be up to EPA or DOH standards for food service. Using a generator on a trailer on the ground versus a floating dock are 2 different things. Gasoline presents the pollution hazard, propane is nice but between cooking and power they’ll need a lot. Considering how much wind and boat traffic can affect a floating dock, having large amounts of combustible fuel there will most likely present a problem as well. She’d be better off running a dinner cruise with a limited or pre ordered menu.

      • loseurattitude

        My brother is handicapped and boats. Gasoline pollutes the lake daily by boats that spew out 2 cycle engine oil in the exhaust. The water will be filtered and tested then certified as drinkable by health department. I do like your idea of a cruise restaurant, then maybe people will stop whining about this idea. What I don’t understand is IF people’s intentions were honorable, why not think of positive ways to help this person out INSTEAD of pointing out ALL the negative drawbacks and problems of why it won’t work ??

  • joemama1980

    The floating restaurant is a cool idea but also a logistical nightmare. Water, power, waste removal, handicap access and so on. She should have to rent or own land. You can’t just ride out to any old spot on any lake and decide to moor your boat there for the season let alone a business the size of a house. The public boat launch is not a base for customer parking or receiving deliveries. The tournament guys have to get permits from the fish commission, who owns the ramp that’s paid for by boat registration and fishing license money.

  • loseurattitude

    This is just another example of the attitudes of people in NEPA. They hate change of any kind and always look at the negative. Don’t want to be flexible and accommodating to a possible new comer that has an innovative and new idea that actually might increase business and bring people out to the lake. Instead keep everything the same, no change no progress, same as it was and has been the last fifty. Time for some people to dust off their shovel and pick, and go back to digging coal. This area will never change. Edye Schneider found a lake where people will be more positive and will welcome your ideas. No wonder this area was ranked one of the most unfriendly and unhappy places to live.

    • pot smoker

      Just a way to be cheap and use public resources to line your own pocket , Picture a floating McDonalds , and then all the garbage from it and the type of people it draws , Dumb idea .

  • Al

    I think Duke is very one sided. Although he says more power to her , he afterwards says the boats that would shuttle customers would interfere with the boats coming in from his tournaments . Maybe his customers might be interfereing with her business. Then he suggest she buy a pc of property around the lake for her restaurant , well the same goes for Duke , maybe he should by a pc , put up a building, install a boat launch and then his customers won’t interfere with her business nor others trying to use the boat launch . Just saying. I am sure the restaurant won’t be huge , and any new business that brings people to the area would be a benefit , even if it is seasonal.

    • Amber

      Parking is a huge issue on a nice sunny day at lake….. my biggest thing is land…. this women has none….. what gives her the right…… I pay highly and struggle with my LAKE FRONT TAXES……. can I OPEN A FLOATING BUSINESS AS WELL…..?????

      • Amber

        Duke coulda used the piece of land the HANSONS USED FOR DECADES…… and since the SO CALLED “ROWING” Club has been locked and sealed?????? What a douchbag of a man?????

      • Amber

        Oh wait….. the ROWING CLUB…. pays taxes…….. no one owns water……..and we have enough issues about pulooting pennsyvania largest natural lake…… so let’s put a restaurant on it….?????

    • Johsua

      Duke can run his fishing tournaments at Wallenpaupack. It’s Harvey’s Lake, not Duke’s Lake.

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