Boy Heading to Bus Stop Struck by Car in Lackawanna County

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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP -- A boy was hit while heading to his bus stop in Lackawanna County.

The child was struck while crossing Route 348 going to his bus stop near Mount Cobb around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday.

He was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries, according to emergency crews.

Troopers don't expect to ticket the driver.


  • Michael

    The car didn’t hit him I am a friend of the family he stopped and honked and the kid fell over that’s why the driver isn’t going to be ticketed or arrested and his mother needs to keep an eye on him because this should never have happened in the first place

    • Notch

      Stopped and honked? What might you be smoking?!! Go look at the SKID MARKS and you tell me he “stopped and honked”!! He clearly and openly admitted to hitting him and the kid didnt even fall to the ground after being hit! If he didnt see him coming and jump out of the way, it would have been MUCH worse! Both parties are very lucky aanddddd yes he WAS ticketed!! Also the mother saw the whole thing, as well as the bus driver! Might want to think before you type!

    • Jay

      I don’t see where it mentions that the school bus was at the scene when the incident occurred.

      • Notch

        The bus was stopped with flashers on, stop sign out, and the SPEEDING driver admitted he failed to see the bus and thought he may have fallen asleep just prior. Wneps story isnt very complete and possibly should say “Boy hit by driver who failed to yield at bus stop” .

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