School Fixes, Donates Car to Student

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DIMOCK TOWNSHIP -- When a teenager graduates from high school later this month in Susquehanna County, she'll get her driver's license and she will have a new car, free of charge, to help her get to work and to college.

Darion Brodeur climbed into her very own PT Cruiser even before she is legally allowed to drive.

Brodeur is a senior at Mountain View High School. She's learning plumbing and heating at Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center at Elk Lake, and soon, she'll be able to drive herself after years of relying on a ride.

"It's been difficult because sometimes people have things they have to do, or you have to do, or at the same time, someone else does. Being self-sufficient is going to help me out a lot," said Brodeur.

The automotive class at CTC worked on the vehicle after buying it with money from a charity, meant to help the students learn the trade and the meaning of giving back.

"It feels nice to know we helped fix a vehicle and that it's going elsewhere. We know it's road safe, the person is going to drive well," said senior Mike Heath.

Her classmates are especially glad to see the hard-working teen own her first car. A typical day for Brodeur starts at 5:30 in the morning and ends at 11 o'clock at night.

"It's going to help her, boost her confidence, get her around to places. That's one of her main issues right now," said junior Jacelyn Evans.

Day in and day out, Brodeur has been taking the bus to and from school. She gets a lift to work from family. Now, when she heads to college in the fall, she`ll have her driver's license and a brand new car.

"All my hard work paid off and I hope others follow in the hard work," she said.

Brodeur graduates later this month, the same day she gets her driver's license. Now she has a car and friends who know what's under the hood.

"Now I know who to go to if anything happens," she said.


  • Needtogotoadentist

    Should of gave her a toothbrush and toothpaste instead! Brush those teeth girl! Disgusting! 😷💩

    • You are mean!

      You should really keep nasty comments to yourself. I watched the same clip as you and don’t see the issue and even if there was maybe you should practice being a better person.

      • Waternsoapwonthurtyou!!

        Did you see her clothes too? Yes we watched the same clip. She looks like she didn’t shower 🚿 in weeks! You can clearly see she don’t take care of her self! Before she graduates they need to teach her proper shower skills! 🛀🏻

      • LifesTough

        Good thing the work schedules so busy… not that she’s gonna need that car to go on too many dates anyway.

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