Rain Doesn’t Stop the Work Day in the Poconos

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STROUDSBURG -- Another day filled with plenty of rain didn't stop those who have to work outside from getting their jobs done.

Sometimes when Mother Nature acts up, and you find yourself working outside, you just have to improvise.

That's exactly what some workers from UGI had to do on this rainy June day.

Tents were set up along Main Street in Stroudsburg to ensure all the work gets done.

"Well, what we do, we pitched a tent over there. We divert the water out of the ditch, pitch a few umbrellas and hope for the best," explained UGI utility master Rich Hilbert.

Over near Stroudsburg High School, members of the borough's street department were getting some work done at Stroudsburg Borough Park during one of the few dry moments.

"It's definitely not fun to work out in the rain. I'd much rather it be sunny and clear," said worker Mitch Bartholomew.

Stroudsburg borough crews opted to work on some fences during this bad weather. They say when it rains, it really limits what they are able to do.

"Obviously, we can't do any electrical work. We can't do any street lights, traffic lights, things like that. Cutting grass isn't ideal in the rain because it just clumps up, so we try to stay busy with projects like this at our parks," Bartholomew said.

Another job that doesn't stop for Mother Nature is mail delivery.

"It's another rainy day in the Poconos. That's what I think. We aren't doing too good here," said postal worker Armand Beniamino as he delivered the mail throughout Stroudsburg.

He says rainy days make the jobs more difficult, but someone has to do it.

"It's a very big annoyance, you know? Plus you have to work a little extra hard in my case to keep the paper dry, you know? But it's alright, you get used to it after a while. As long as you dress properly it works out."

Others say they are looking forward to some sun in the forecast so they can hang up their raincoats and finally welcome warm and sunny weather.

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