Plant Saves Money and Energy on Lighting Bill by Switching to LED Lights

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CRESSONA -- An aluminum parts plant in Schuylkill County teamed up with PPL to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on its lighting bill.

It's a rebate deal that other businesses and people can get in on, too.

They might just look like LED lights, but for 1,100 employees at the Sapa Extrusions facility in Cressona, these new lights are brightening both the room and employee morale.

Before this upgrade, workers made aluminum parts for cars and trucks under lights from the 1950s.

"You can see people on the floor seeing that we're putting an investment in the plant. We want to see the plant grow," Electrical Supervisor Sean Sanko said.

Through the Business Energy Efficiency Program with PPL, workers replaced old incandescent bulbs with LED lighting.

Now, the plant should save more than $350,000 a year in energy costs.

"Just walking into a well-lit work environment, it creates a safer atmosphere for our employees to work in," plant manager Mike Hammer said.

Workers outfitted 1,400 new LED lights in a building that has more than 32 acres under one roof.

Officials said this is going to make a very positive impact on their carbon footprint.

"It'll save 5 million megawatts of energy per year. That's the same as driving one car 8.3 million miles," Business Area President for Sapa North America Charlie Straface said.

PPL gave the plant a rebate of more than $330,000 for the energy saving project.

Other people or organizations can take advantage of the deal, too.

"It's an opportunity for customers as well as residential customers and business customers to use energy efficiency to help them save money on their lighting bills," Manager of Business Services, John Davis said.

Workers ship about a million pounds of aluminum every day. They said these new LED lights are going to make a huge difference.

"Maintenance wise it's going to be great not having to change the light bulbs, we're very proud of it," Sanko said.

Workers said the project will have paid for itself in 2.5 years.


  • BVDs

    Groundbreaking as if this was done in 2001. Schuylkill county always a good 2 decades behind the times! Alcoa will get this done in 2026

  • Dickson city

    Watch the heating costs explode now that they removed thousands of “little heaters” from their plant. Just wait til winter….

  • Chuck

    Why would you waste time and energy covering this story? Your area is filled with the uneducated and or science deniers. I’m surprised no one has yet to declare this story fake news.

    • truck driver

      Thank you for explaining what the green “religion” is all about and it’s attitude toward the hard working people who’s sweat and toil supply the tax base for “luxuries” like LED lighting and 100 grand hybrid vehicles for the rich.

    • maga

      Man, you must cry yourself to sleep every night. Good to know President Trump will keep you triggered for years to come.

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