PFA Against Rep. Haggerty Withdrawn

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DUNMORE — A state representative from Lackawanna County is no longer facing a protection from abuse order.

Kevin Haggerty’s wife withdrew the protection from abuse order filed against him last month.

Instead, the couple has entered a civil agreement which replaces the PFA, but with similar terms.

Like the PFA, Haggerty is still barred from his home in Dunmore and from contacting his wife, who now has full custody of their children.

Haggerty must contact his wife through email or text if he wants to have contact with his young children.

A June 16 hearing on the PFA has been canceled, and Rep. Haggerty has agreed to pay the court costs connected with the PFA.

Haggerty still faces arraignment in Dunmore June 21 on charges of simple harassment filed by Dunmore police days after the PFA was filed.


  • FracingA

    We need LESS GOV’T period. Be nice if this Turd resigned but it be even nicer if our gov’t would downsize by good 1/2 & not replace him. So many of these Hooligans that represent us make poor decisions & can’t role model much. Anybody that goes Alpha Male on their wife was not raised properly or was not properly humbled in their childhood.

  • Donamick

    But we all know that in northeastern Pennsylvania it’s not who you know it’s who you blow and I’ll bet my life where the district attorney in Dunmore will give this creep a slap-on-the-wrist and let him walk with no real penalties to speak of

    • Jody

      It’s very sad. If Kevin Haggerty is guilty of abuse, he should get help with his anger issues or resign from his position. No matter who got him off, his conscience should tell him that he needs psychological counseling!

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