Pennsylvania Treasury Department Launches Transparency Portal

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HARRISBURG — State officials want Harrisburg to be transparent in how they spend taxpayer money.

To that end, the Pennsylvania Treasury Department launched the Treasury Transparency Portal online.

The state treasury announced the website Monday on Twitter.

The website includes three years’ worth of expenditures.

Officials say the site has plenty of graphs, charts, and information for taxpayers.

The state treasury department believes it will be a good tool to help hold lawmakers accountable.


  • Professorgetaclue

    This does not tell the entire story on money allocations. Big pensions for state workers who Drain the tax base , some not even qualified for their patronage positions in the fake civil service system and those fortunate to have a position at one of the numerous small school districts that would of been consolidated 20 plus years ago in 90 percent of other states..

    This state government spawned kids for cash, with their backdeal non profit corp dealings, high profile offender harboring at system funded institutions, and supported high gas taxes for mostly phony infrastructure projects. Grant money gets awarded to small local non profits with no money trails, managed sometimes by people with little or no college education.

    Just keeping it real!

  • CBender

    I would love to see the actual money trails. Not some kafooey website that will work as well as state grant programs for our local communities! That hoopla has been a joke

  • Don juan

    Great !!! lets fund the million state volunteer fire companies that have mostly tepid response times and corrupt management , lets pay the pensions of the corrupt Penn state administrators, lets have school districts funded that graduate 60 students a year but yet the super makes 100 k. year. Not fooled!

  • Monk

    No money to fuel the engines that stay up all night running the town!! But they have distribution centers n prisons everywhere that dont help the citizens! Shove your windmills where the sun dont shine!

  • Mikec

    Scam its all a scam !!!! Fyi the roads are full of potholes on route 61 south of frackville, My big foot truck is ruined. Gas tax really helping the skook out !

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    And why should they NOT be transparent? It’s not THEIR money, it’s OUR money!

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