Nonprofit Wants Donated Bicycles

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STROUDSBURG -- Street 2 Feet Outreach Center in Stroudsburg helps homeless people in the community work their way to back into society, but this summer, the nonprofit organization needs a little help itself.

"It's hard to get around this county. It's hard with the bus system and it's hard with limited income. One of the most sustainable ways we found for people to get around is jump on a bike," said Mark Ruf, Outreach Case Manager.

Ruf says a lot of his clients have been asking for bikes to get to and from work, so the organization is asking anyone with an unwanted adult bike to donate it.

"Mainly we are trying to find bikes in working condition because we don't have a budget to repair the bikes, nor do we have a working knowledge of bike repair. So we are really looking for any usable adult bikes so we can get them out to the clients," said Ruf.

Directors at Street 2 Feet are hoping for at least a dozen bike donations and they will be sure each bike goes to someone who will get the most use out of it.

Directors say once they get enough donations, those who want a bike will have to show proof of employment.  This way the bikes are being put to good use.

"We mainly hold back based on inventory based on until someone gets a job to know that they are actually solving a direct problem. You're donating this bike and it's getting someone to their job every day," said Ruf.

If you have an adult bike you'd like to donate, click here.