Two Facing Charges After Leading Police on Chase

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Two people are charged with leading police on a chase through Monroe County.

Police say Robert Connors, 24, and Anyssa Kravchenko, 19, both of Stroudsburg, took part in a drug deal Friday in Stroud Township.

When officers tried to stop their vehicle, the pair sped off.

Investigators say Connors smashed through a gate in the Penn Estates community and circled through the community trying to lose police. He eventually crashed in a wooded area and ran off before getting trapped in a fenced in backyard.

Police say Connors and Kravchenko admitted being high on heroin and meth, and Connors said he ran because they were both wanted on warrants.

Connors and Kravchenko are locked up in Monroe County on drug charges and fleeing charges.



    What a free fall. From the #1 Czech tennis player in the world to being a heroin/meth head living in Stroudsburg. Saw her play against Serena Williams at the US Open a few years ago. WOW…what a shame.


    Police just connected the dots on her face. Case closed. Can suck a tennis ball through a garden hose.

  • MethItWeedsOutIdiots

    Meth is a heck of a drug. I think I saw the girl at the McDonalds in Edwardsville last week sometime with another guy. You could tell by the scabs that either he was beating her up or she was a meth head. Both of them looked like they hadn’t seen a bar of soap in a while.

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