Turkey Hill in Luzerne County Robbed for Third Time

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SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP -- A Turkey Hill store in Luzerne County has been robbed again for the third time in about two weeks.

The latest holdup at the mini mart on Airport Road near West Hazleton happened around 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

The thief got away with about $250.

The store was robbed on May 31 and on May 22.

Police believe the thief from the second and third robberies is the same person.

No one was hurt in the latest robbery.


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  • Carla Lapinsky

    Come after me with hate comments too
    That’s all sugarloaf knows how to do them blame it on anyone else
    I’m from ringtown
    Step into my world you’ll get kicked down

  • Carla Lapinsky

    Sugarloaf such cocky little bastard
    Maybe next time a couple more bank clerks will get whacked by their own townsfolk young ones with guns
    Ha ha
    I lived there for four years and I have a problem with that townships cocky ass now….and as I always say people like me will laugh twice as hard

  • Carla Lapinsky

    Probably that whole county can throw thousand names in a hat and guess who they all think the thief of Sugarloaf is

  • RicU.

    Tell Scotty to beam you up people. These comments are short on intelligence. By necessity, the Turkey Hill is a cash heavy location. $250.00 will keep the repeat offender high and functional for about a week, until the drug of choice and cash runs out. I guess Pot Smoker isn’t really into any “habit.” Good man.

    As with any cash situation, the instructions to the employees is to hand over the cash. NO HEROES ALLOWED. Ask your bank if you doubt me. $2,500 is not worth an injury. Certainly $250.00 is not.

    Having had experience managing a cash only gas station in Ossining, NY which is home of Sing Sing Prison. Given the low pay, I had a problem with getting employees. I used to hire wives and girl friends of the local police (sometime both). The police would be there to say hello to their friend’s family occasionally and the Black & White stopped the drive offs and robberies cold. When I left, the District Manager who was later arrested for arson, through all the police related personnel out. (Is any one surprised?) The location became an ATM machine before there were ATM machines.

    Eventually, the robbers will get caught doing something bad and become a $250 a night liability of the taxpayer to cure their problem.

    • RicU.


      You post sounds logical UNTIL you figure the cost of the police coverage, the exposure the rest of the jurisdiction has but to crime and other service the police perform and the low likelihood of the repeat offense while the police are there. These crooks are observant.

      On the other hand, I have a former police car you could tow there and park on the lot………………….

  • frank rizzo

    This just keeps getting better. But I’m sure they still have 100 signs on the windows blocking cops driving by to see anything going on, poorly lit parking lots, beta-max quality video surveillance, no armed security guards, employees not dropping money into a drop box every hour. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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