Tractor Trailer Driver Faces Charges for Deadly 2015 Crash

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MOUNT POCONO -- A tractor trailer driver faces homicide by vehicle and other charges more than two years after a deadly collision with a tour bus in the Poconos.

Franklin Wyatt, from Oklahoma, faces a slew of charges in Monroe County.

His big rig was heading south on Interstate 380 on June 3, 2015 when it crossed the median near the Mount Pocono exit. It clipped another tractor trailer then hit the bus head-on in the northbound lanes.

The bus driver and two tourists from Italy died in the wreck.

The tour bus was heading to Niagara Falls.

A criminal complaint was filed against Wyatt on Friday, charging him with three counts of homicide by vehicle, three counts of involuntary manslaughter, eight counts of aggravated assault, 17 counts of reckless endangerment, and traffic violations.

Authorities in Monroe County have not yet arraigned Wyatt.


  • Mad Dog

    Good. Accidents happen. But when you acquire a CDL, and choose to drive a rig, you are accepting a great deal of responsibility. If you drive carelessly, or tired and fall asleep, and kill someone, it should be an automatic homicide charge.

    • joe

      You have the driver guilty already.
      Maybe you should wait until the trial & learn if a medical condition may have caused the driver to crash.

  • RicU.

    So why does I-380 have so many wrecks? How many wrecks have there been on I-380? Can a 25 mile “Jersey Barrier” be enough to reduce or correct this?

    • Jay

      I believe that PennDOT installed cable median barriers on I-380 soon after this crash. Also installed on Casey highway.

    • Mad Dog

      Like the Casey, 380 has long stretches of open, straight roads and people feel the need to speed, or the idiots that drive without sleep often fall asleep. Plus it’s a melting pot of NEPA Drivers (who are already terrible, or drunk), Jersey and NYC aggressive drivers, often commuters who are trying to make good time. All interstates should be built like the turnpike, with concrete dividers. Open grass medians never made sense. A head-on collision at highway speeds is a death sentence.

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