Stunning Video, Testimony in Prison Murder Trial

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SCRANTON -- Four years after the vicious and deadly attack on a federal correctional officer in Wayne County, the man accused of killing Eric Williams of Nanticoke is on trial.

The convicted gang member's attorneys fully admit he is guilty.

The Williams family was on hand for opening statements and testimony from about a half dozen correctional officers from USP Canaan in Wayne County.

But Eric Williams' parents did not stay in court while jurors watched their son get stabbed 200 times by an inmate who faces the death penalty.

Eric Williams' parents left the federal courthouse in Scranton following opening statements in their son's murder trial.

Jessie Con-ui is charged with first-degree murder of a U.S. correctional officer after the convict jumped Williams in a housing unit at the federal prison near Waymart in 2013.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Francis Sempa told the jury, "Eric Williams was two hours from shift end and going home. He never made it home."

Prosecutors say Con-ui waited for Williams to walk to the top of the stairs that night before kicking him. Williams fell, then Con-ui spent the next 11 minutes attacking the officer while more than 100 inmates watched and did nothing.

Williams was stabbed more than 200 times with two shanks, kicked repeatedly in the head, stomped, and his head was slammed onto the concrete floor.

There were gasps in the courtroom when a photo of Williams' bloodied face was shown.

Con-ui told prison officials that night it was, "a disrespect issue."

Defense attorneys fully admitted to jurors that "Jessie is guilty of murder beyond all doubt" and plan to focus on trying to keep him from being sentenced to death.

By afternoon, Williams' parents left the courtroom while video of the murder played for the jury. The room was silent. Con-ui covered his eyes the entire time. Many watched in horror as Williams was stabbed repeatedly.

A fellow corrections officer broke down on the stand and testified when he finally found Williams, "He was mutilated, my friend, co-worker, and brother. I couldn't recognize him."

Prosecutors will keep presenting evidence in the coming days, but a guilty verdict is all but guaranteed without a defense

However, Con-ui's attorneys made it clear they plan to do everything it takes to keep him off death row.

The penalty phase is expected to last weeks.


  • Kat

    Governor Wolf suspended the death penalty in February of 2015. Did he reinstate it? This skuzball deserves it!

  • Manly Chesterson

    Death penalty takes too long to follow through if its even his sentence, I vote he gets taken out back of the courthouse and shot in the back of the head like an animal. Issue solved, no taxpayer dollars spent, killer wiped out and overall cost $0.20 – $0.50 cents depending on caliber of bullet used. Win Win? Definitely

    • DJB

      Agree–look at George Banks. Killed 13 people including 5 of his own children in 1982 and they STILL haven’t executed this guy. What a total waste of taxpayer dollars.

  • Mad Dog

    Agree. Hasn’t he already wasted enough taxpayer dollars? Why do we need to have another trial? He’s a convicted felon with no rights, already serving a life sentence. He should’ve been spending the last 4 years on death row, or better yet, in a cheap grave. Prisons are the biggest waste of money.

  • Lance

    What is there to debate? He needs a priest not a lawyer. Why waste taxpayer money on this scum who in no doubt did this deed? Immediate death penalty no appeals no pleas for clemency. just justice for the officer and his family

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