Lawnmower Repair Shops Busier Than Usual

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UPPER AUGUSTA TOWNSHIP -- If you use a lawnmower, you know how the cool, wet weather has affected the grass this season.  The wet weather not only makes the grass grow higher and faster, it can make a mess of your lawnmower.

Bob Neitz of Sunbury was mowing his lawn Monday before the rain comes.  He's had to mow more than usual this year.

"I try to do it every four days.  But sometimes with the rain, it's every six days,” Neitz said.

The wet weather is causing the grass to grow faster, but it's also damaging lawnmowers, increasing business at lawnmower repair shops.

"The grass is staying so wet and they need to get to it and they can't.  When they do it's all wet and it's sticking up under the mowers clogging them up, ruining blades and belts,” Gregory Bloom said.

Gregory Bloom owns Bloom's Repair near Sunbury.  There are around 75 lawnmowers out back, all waiting to get fixed.

“It's been quite a while since it's been this busy,” Bloom said.

Bloom says there are some things you can do to prevent problems.

Bloom recommends walking through your grass before you mow so you don't run over anything.

“I had quite a few last week where the grass was high and they hit stakes in the yard,” Bloom said.

Bloom also suggests using premium fuel instead of regular.  You'll pay more, but not as much as you would pay to fix your lawnmower for problems caused by using cheaper gas.

Patty Long of Sunbury checks out her mower before she starts cutting her grass each season.

"You have to grease it, gas it up, try to keep the blades sharp.  Every now and then I hit a stone,” Long said.

Bloom also suggests bringing your lawnmower in for service in the wintertime, when it's not so busy.

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