One Person Dead After ATV Crash in Schuylkill County

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FOSTER TOWNSHIP -- Police are investigating a deadly ATV crash in Schuylkill County.

It happened around 9 p.m. Saturday near Minersville.

Police say Martina Barnhart of Minersville died when the vehicle rolled on a dirt road and she was pinned under it. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to investigators, Patricia Socko of Pottsville was behind the wheel of the ATV.

Socko was not hurt and neither were two other passengers.

Officers are still investigating the deadly wreck in Schuylkill County.


    • Longgreysocks

      Keep your grey socks running head out on the morea high way, looking for adventure and whatever Comes our way. I was born skook to be wild.

  • BDDtf

    I go walking the polelines in Frackville and often see youngsters zooming by having fun. In the summer they’re barely clothed. Seems dangerous yet enticing.

  • Jada

    When will there be a update?
    Considering all on this atv were drunk?
    Yeah guess they forgot to share that with the news.

    • Anonymous 1

      Really now…

      It was a side by side made to seat 4 people. ATV is a broad term for any off-road vehicle.

      Second off, you have no such evidence that they were completely intoxicated. Before you know the facts do not go say something so snide and insensitive.

      This womens family is a wreck and does not need any more negativity brought into this incident. I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate being talked about when you are dead.

      Accidents do happen.

      • stop calling it an accident

        “Accidents do happen”. No, they don’t, not without help. My ATV sits in the garage and hasn’t killed anyone lately. It’s operated at safe speeds by a trained, experienced, and sober operator. ‘Accidents’ happen when there is negligence and indiscretion on behalf of the operator. You make it sound like the ATV was possessed or the area they were operating it was out to get them. A person is dead because some people made some poor choices.

      • you're 'special', aren't you?

        “I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate being talked about when you are dead.” Umm, when you’re dead, I really don’t think you’ll care what anyone says, because you’re – dead.


      I am from a huge ATV town, in nearby beautiful Frackville about 10 miles away from said incident, but I have always been afraid of those machines. I hear them everyday when walking up near the car wash woods and also near Boyers. I went the conservative skook route and just beat feet around town modeling my long grey socks


        I do like that area its near the hosey and yes the park really upgraded over the years. But I have been breaking out of my shell lately and been concentrating my modeling efforts in upscale Altamont.

    • anonymous

      not everyone on the ATV was drunk so clearly you know NOTHING. the driver was not drunk. you know absolutely no details. two family’s are a MESS right now. your disgusting assumptions sicken me and i’m praying to god none of the family members of the people involved have to see your ignorance

    • Melissa

      Perhaps you should keep your snide and insensitive remarks to yourself unless you know all the details. ATV is a broad term used to describe a multitude of off-road vehicles, many of which are intended to carry multiple passengers.

    • FD1

      You must not get out much. They now make off road vehicles that can hold up to 4 people. And god forbid people have fun. Accidents do happen. Before you make anymore snide comments this was someone’s Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife and Grand Daughter. I am sure if the shoe was on the other foot you wouldn’t want people saying stupid things about your family.

      • In a galaxy far far away

        I see kids going down my ROAD with 3 on an atv meant for 2 all the time( teenagers). Heck I can show u pictures on my security Cameras! Not to mention at a high rate of speed. When something happens, the parents are so surprised! They have no respect for private Property, or the public road either, and will cut across the property as they wish. Which is going to end real soon! This goes on every day in the Summer! Now before some clown asks why I moved here….this property is now owned by the 4th generation (as a family farm) and has been in the family before ATVs were even invented. It was purchased by my great Grandfather after returning from WW1. Some of these people think that by purchasing an ATV they get an exception to the motor vehicle laws and private property rights!

      • In a galaxy far far away

        Don’t get what the thumbs down are about. Stay off my property and quit damaging MY trees, shrubs and fencing or you will be charged with defiant trespassing(as I have NO TRESPASSING signs up which you ignore them) and I will find the most costly people on earth to replace it at you or your parents expense! As far as riding up and down the road…When you get killed or injured, I will say “I told you so”.If your parents don’t seem to give a crap…why should I? But when they try to hang the driver of the car, them I will turn over the security footage to defend them! If I wanted to be a prickly, I would just turn the footage of you driving on the highway over to the state police!

      • Anonymous 1

        Please consider that they were on Reading Anthracite Property. They very well may have had a riding permit for the land.

      • Anonymous 1

        But in your case, if you have no trespassing signs up, then they should respect that. Completely agreed on that subject.

      • Accidents don't happen

        Would you stop with the ‘accidents do happen’ mentality already? The reason people get hurt or killed is because someone screwed up. Driving too fast for conditions, no helmets, improper maintenance, inexperience, impaired, the list goes on. You can either own up to the fact that a series of poor choices lead to this ‘accident’, or accept that people will continue to get hurt or killed, and it’s just at random.

      • stupid is as stupid does

        “you wouldn’t want people saying stupid things about your family.” The solution to that is easy, don’t do stupid things, people won’t say stupid things.

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