Unusual Device Found Inside Gas Pump In Saint Clair

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SAINT CLAIR -- Police found a device inside the pump at the Tigers Den Gas Station on Route 61 in Saint Clair. They're now investigating whether the device was being used to steal credit and debit card information. This comes just a month after they had to remove two skimmer devices at the same gas station. Some residents in Schuylkill County are on edge.

“Very scary...I mean a lot of places have where you'll get your money back eventually, but once they are into your personal information that is very scary,” said Bruce Kemmery of Saint Clair.

Saint Clair police began investigating after a resident reported suspicious activity with her bank account. Police tell Newswatch they are still trying to decide whether any of her -- or anyone else's -- information was stolen. Computer experts tell Newswatch 16 thieves can easily get card skimming devices by doing a simple computer search.

“It’s too easy actually...it's very easy you can go on the Internet and purchase whatever you want anywhere,” Tom Bowitz, owner of Tom’s Computer Repair.

Tom Bowitz and his wife Carolyn own Tom's Computer and Repair on West Market Street in Pottsville. Tom tells Newswatch 16 spotting devices that are put inside the pump can be very difficult while others can be seen easily.

“This is a plain card scanner there’s nothing attached to this if there’s something attached to this don't scan your card because they are going to read it,” said Bowitz.

Some customers tells us they'd rather pay at the cash register then risk the headache that may come with paying at the pump and having their money stolen.

“Now I am using cash almost exclusively for gas and lots of different things it`s a lot safer than whipping that card and taking a chance,” said Kremmery.