Tannersville Diner Auction Set for This Weekend 

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- A diner in the Poconos that was once free to a good home, will now be auctioned off.

On Saturday, owners of the Tannersville Diner will auction off everything inside after no one showed interest in hauling the whole place away.

Everything inside the former diner in Pocono Township will be auctioned off. Owners of the place need to let everything go to make way for a new Harley-Davidson dealership scheduled to break ground this year.

"We are going to auction the diner, which includes anything and everything a person, one person might want to take," said owner Jim Schlier.

The diner closed for business in 2015.

Last year, Schlier offered the place up for free to whoever could haul it away. When no takers came forward, it was onto the only other option: an auction.

Schlier says there is everything from ovens and stoves to freezers and refrigerators up for grabs.

"Well really, we hoped that someone would take it and move it and get a start for whatever, but I think the moving it was too hard for anyone to deal with," said Schlier.

Whatever is left of the diner will be demolished, and it's not the only thing to go on the property. The metal shed just behind will also go to make room for the new dealership.

"We are down to breaking down in a few weeks, so we want to do whatever we have to do, to do something with it," Schlier said.

The auction starts at 1 p.m. Saturday at the former Tannersville Diner.

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