Sentencing Day: Jail Time for Ex-Penn State Administrators

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HARRISBURG -- Three former Penn State officials will spend some time behind bars for their roles in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal.

Former Penn State president Graham Spanier, former vice president Gary Schultz, and former athletic director Tim Curley all went in front of a judge in Dauphin County Friday morning to learn their punishments.

Spanier was sentenced to four to 12 months with the first two months to be served in prison, the rest under house arrest.

Schultz was sentenced to six to 23 months, the first two months to be served in prison, the rest under house arrest.

Curley received a seven to 23 month sentence with the first three months to be served in prison, the remainder under house arrest.

Curley got the longest sentence because the judge said Curley made the worst mistake of all. The athletic building was his building to look after.

It all ties back to the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal.

A jury found Spanier guilty of one count of endangering the welfare of children in March. The jury also found him not guilty of another count of endangerment and conspiracy to endanger children.

Schultz and Curley pleaded guilty in March to endangering the welfare of children in connection with the scandal. They both testified against Spanier during his trial in Dauphin County.

Prosecutors argued Spanier, Schultz, and Curley, were told about the abuse in 2001 but did not report it to police.

Jerry Sandusky was convicted in 2012 and sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison.

On Thursday, prosecutors filed a request for the judge to send Spanier to prison for not doing enough to protect children from Jerry Sandusky at Penn State. Prosecutors said an example should be set for his actions.

At one time, former Penn State University President Graham Spanier was the top official on campus, but as he walked out of the Dauphin County Courthouse Friday, he left knowing he will spend two months in prison.

Spanier said he was the victim of physical abuse himself. He told the judge, "I'm sorry to the men who were victimized by Jerry Sandusky. I deeply regret that I did not intervene more forcefully."

All three men spoke at the sentencing. Curley and Schultz were very emotional.

"I deeply regret my actions to jeopardize children," Curley said.

"It sickens me to think I might have played a part in children getting hurt," Schultz told the judge.

Curley is being treated for lung cancer.

The judge called the case a horrible mistake and brought up some other familiar names. The judge said if either Joe Paterno or former assistant football coach Mike McQueary would have called police, this could have ended differently.


  • antonio elspri

    Thats one tough sentence for Spanier. Wonder if he’ll have food imported from his luxury box at the stadium.

  • Frank

    I been saying it all along, football should be dropped at Penn State. If Joepa didn’t know what was happening, he should have known. A crime was committed and it was covered up, because of the money that was being made. I hope the families that were affected take some action.

    • El Ma

      All of the individuals who were associated with the Sanduskygate cover-up should be forced to forfeit the retirement/benefits payoffs and spend the rest of their natural lives paying back the State of PA for their salaries while they allowed this to go on.

      The only thing that these types understand is getting hit in their wallets. They feel no shame, they don’t feel any sense of guilt, and they are all 100% monsters.

  • El Ma

    Oh, my………….a couple of months in prison?! (gasp) Then, the rest of the time under HOUSE arrest? (double-gasp) Oh, horror of horrors……….they’ll be segregated from the general population and made extra safe, and then they’ll get to go home and throw their dinner parties, football Sundays, and cocktail parties sporting their ankle bracelet.

    And……….what about paying restitution to those victims who were so horribly abused because of their depraved indifference to what happened to those then-children? Can any of these #($*%& fathom what just one of those children suffered? The trauma? The pain? The humiliation, degradation, and shame? And, they participated in whatever Sandpsychopathsky did to his victims because they all CHOSE to turn a blind eye to what he was doing – they knew, he knew that they knew, and Sandpsychopathsky knew that he had the green light to do whatever he wished, regardless of the damages.

    Shame on them all. Shame. Shame. Shame.

    • Really?

      Just how much money should a victim of sexual violence be paid? Money doesn’t heal anything and neither does huge jury awarded verdicts! Free counseling should be what is paid not cash! Otherwise any teenager would allow it in order to never work again! Or to ever work at all! Like the kid in the blue mustang that was bought with a Sandusky conviction that lives in jersey shore, he felt bad until he got paid and now he has a male partner

      • El Ma

        Restitution can be dictated to be used for counseling. Free counseling? Where can you find that? GOOD counseling with a specialist in trauma, sexual violence, and PTSD costs money. And, of course, money doesn’t heal the victim, but it sure as heck hurts those that are convicted – they should pay the State back for their salaries, the cost of Sandusky’s trial, etc. “Restitution” isn’t always “given” to the victims – it’s a punishment.

        You might lower your own blood pressure if you choose to stop jumping to conclusions or making foolish, half-assed assumptions.

      • El Ma

        I actually had to re-read your post. You’re suggesting that ANY of Sandusky’s victims made themselves available to be molested so that they could capitalize on being sexually violated? You wrote (quote), ” Otherwise any teenager would allow it in order to never work again!”

        Teenagers? Are you even aware of the range of ages of Sandusky’s victims? Just……….wow……..

  • Canyon

    It seems victims are voiceless and invisible today. Must be their own fault I guess, as they’ve lost the right to their rights!

    • fight for yourselves

      That’s what I’m thinking too. If they don’t want to say anything to the cops then what do they expect? It’s about time these victims start sticking up for themselves. The community can’t do everything for them

  • Bart

    WNEP will bury this story soon. Football season starts soon and there are ads to sell. What scandal ?!

  • think positive

    A mistake? More like an intentional cover-up of the criminal molestation of innocent minors”. How could someone know that children are being molested and then do NOTHING about it?
    House arrest? In other words, early retirement for these criminals. It’s almost like saying they did nothing wrong.

  • the answer

    we are state penn i mean Penn state I mean Perv state They all should have got more than a couple months in prison. Covering up for the phony of all phonys Joe P.

  • pot smoker

    Two or three mo . in jail , what a continuation of the pa judicial fraud system Then reside in your million dollar homes as a jail sentence ? Judge should feel the shame he casts on the whole state .

    • El Ma

      Pot Smoker, what’s outrageous is that these horrible excuses for humanity are getting a tap on their wrists while you (me, neighbor, cashier, anyone else) who is convicted of smoking weed can look at 4 years in prison.

      These men aided in the emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual destruction of human lives, and they get a couple of months in prison. Someone smokes some weed and depletes their local convenience store of Pepsi and Doritos and spends their time watching “Mystery Science Theater: 3000,” and that’s somehow WORSE than what that wretched bunch did? SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH

  • duncandisorderly

    What about the welfare recipients defrauding the taxpayers? Why the double standards? Trumps deplorables. Drain The Swampssss!!

    • El Ma

      No State, nation, town, or borough is perfect. But, what is deplorable is that this all came on the heels of the “Kids For Cash” scandal, and I don’t have a lot of confidence in our contemporary society. Everyone has a label. Everyone has an excuse. Nobody is accountable for their choices, behaviors, and actions.

      It sort of reminds me of how ancient Rome went down the toilette when everything became acceptable and daily life was simply a hedonistic free-for-all, from vomitoriums to senatorial orgies. Crazy…….skeery.

      • Billr

        Pa is a unique animal Most states don’t have boroughs or townships or maintain school districts that graduate 55 kids a year. just like most states don’t have pedos running loose in its biggest university!!!!

    • PA Sucks

      It’s the only contiguous state that starts with a “P”. You know what else starts with ‘P’? ‘Pervert’

  • pedo friendly pa.

    These light sentences are going to make Frackville’s thigh high sock wearing, pedo street roamers even worse now. Frackville’s community service program should consist of removing all those soiled bvds hanging on the powerlines. Again I say, what a weird way for the human species to mark their territory. Rumor has it these street roamers are moving north to Hazleton. They’re turned on to the fiesta, party style colors of the skin tight jogging pants with the thigh high outer sock garment.

  • Raider

    A couple months isolated from gen pop reading books and tugging the sinner. Prolly at SCI Mahanoy on rainbow hill

  • Frankz

    Frackville getting lots of play lately. Hey WNEP, any new stories from that weird town called Frackville? The audience is intrigued.


      I am sure glad the state did not place Mr Sandusky in the nearby SCI Mahanoy or frackville. I hope these other gentleman stay away from the north skook.


    Teens in my beautiful hometown frackville got more for possession of the big 420. Im sure glad i got into sock modeling and recycling and not into drug use. disappointing message they send in this state of confusion.

  • paajoke

    sad sentencing. So let the politics continue in PA and let the molesters across the small towns and cities roam free. SMH

  • Timothy Tingley

    They should dig up Joe Paterno and throw his rotten, old ,pervert enabling butt in jail, also. Just a reminder: PA taxpayers still pay for Sandusky’s pension. Even though he definitely was an active pedorast while working for Penn State and used his position there to attract victims.

      • Timothy Tingley

        Why would minimum wage be an insult? At least I would be working. Minimum wage scumbag is an oxy moron. I was raised to respect all work. Your insult was an oxy moron and you are a regular moron.

      • Don juan

        I would turn down a million a year to live in pa after reading these stories over and over.

      • Roger Ebert

        Minimum wage scumbag (like you) is not an oxymoron. You should have paid attention is Miss Kowalski’s English as a first language class. (a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in “cruel kindness” or “to make haste slowly”). Go back and crawl under your rock again, Steve.

  • Chupa

    Well I hope they watch themselves in the showers at prison, If you know what I mean. Yes lets conjure up JOEPA and throw it in prison with them. OOPs I forgot his son is back on the Board of Directors at State Penn, I mean Penn State..
    Bring back the Statue so we all can gaze upon the wonder of JOEPA. Disgraceful!

  • Coacho

    when every other story in NE and Central PA is molestation. I think the judge needs to make an example out of these guys for harboring Sandusky over the years.

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