PSU Students: New Strict Regulations On Greek Community “Long Overdue”

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STATE COLLEGE -- Penn State University laid out strict regulations for the university's Greek life in an effort to reform fraternities and sororities.

These new rules come after a pledge died at fraternity following a hazing ritual in February.

The death of 19-year-old Penn State sophomore Timothy Piazza following a hazing ritual at Beta Theta Pi in February is bringing sweeping changes to the Greek community at Penn State University.

New strict regulations were announced by university President Eric Barron, who said the school will now handle disciplinary matters at fraternities and sororities, including imposing sanctions.

“Someone died and I think that they need to take necessary action so that something like that doesn't happen again,” said Sophia Latriano, a 2017 graduate.

On a busy College Avenue in State College, current and former students say it's not only about time, it's long overdue.

“I mean it needed to happen a long time ago,” said Hillary Dimaria, a 2015 graduate.

“It's been an issue for a long time and I think it's about time, I mean this was just a wakeup call, I think so,” said junior Emma Dominco.

“The situation with all the fraternities on campus was little too on monitored and got away with a little bit too much and this is a prime example of that,” said senior Kyle Chiavetta.

Following Piazza's death, the fraternity was permanently banned by the university.

Eighteen fraternity members from Beta Theta Pi were charged in connection to his death.

The university is installing these safety initiatives:

  • Unprecedented university oversight over Greek life, including the monitoring of social events by university staff.
  • Delay rushing and pledging until the second semester.
  • Strict restrictions on social events.
  • Zero tolerance for hazing.The university will appoint a Greek Response Team to oversee and implement these initiatives and will report directly to the president.
  • “All the students have been given an email about what the changes will be so I`m hoping by fall when all the students come back, there will be a different air here, a different atmosphere for the better,” said senior Christopher McGovern.

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    Hazing and frats, should have no place in society. They’re for idiots. Frats and sororities, if they exist at all, should be off campus and out in the woods. Keep them away from civilized society.

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