Pledge’s Death Leads to Changes in PSU’s Greek System

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UNIVERSITY PARK — The Penn State University Board of Trustees voted Friday for sweeping changes for fraternities and sororities at the school.

The biggest change is that the university is taking over disciplining of the Greek community, including sanctions for misconduct.

The board also says hazing that puts a student’s personal or mental health at risk will cost a fraternity or sorority its charter.

The university released details of the new measures including the following:

  • University control of the fraternity and sorority organizational misconduct and adjudication process.
  • Hazing that involves alcohol, physical abuse, or any behavior that puts a student’s mental or physical health at risk will result in swift permanent revocation of University recognition for the chapter involved.
  • Transition to deferred recruitment/rush process for fraternities and sororities.
  • Strict social restrictions.
  • Monitoring of social events by University staff members.
  • Relationship statement signed by all fraternity and sorority members that clarifies the respective rights and responsibilities of the University, the chapters and their respective members.
  • Further parent education: availability of report card, messages to reinforce with their students.
  • Capitation fee for support of extra services, spot-checkers/monitors, and educational activities.

The changes are in response to the death of a pledge at Beta Theta Pi fraternity earlier this year.

Police claim Timothy Piazza, a Penn State student from New Jersey, got so drunk at a party he fell several times. His frat brothers didn’t get him help in time, and he died at a hospital.

Eighteen members of Beta Theta Pi face charges. Ten brothers are charged with manslaughter.



    Nothing but bad news out of Penn state today GEEZ smh, if all the longer time University administrators are going to state prison to join the long time iconic football program Defensive coordinator its no surprise the youngsters were hazing others and acting like drunken fools up there for the last 40 years.

    • El Ma

      Hazing has always existed, and there were times when these ridiculous rituals were even more nefarious than drinking.

      Kids + booze = bad That’s the equation.

      For as much as it costs to attend Penn State, it’s incredible to me that any student has the funds for a hazing event, in the first place.

      At one time, there used to be expectations and standards for college students. “Animal House” paved the way for morons to mimic what they saw in a movie and it’s gotten to the point where going to college is now a game of Russian Roulette. The movie was just that: a movie. Such indifference to standards and expectations is just another sign of the proverbial times.

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