Storm Damage Delays Opening of Splash Cove

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Splash Cove, the only public pool in Williamsport, is opening for the season this weekend.

The city works department had hoped to open the pool over Memorial Day weekend, but employees were still cleaning up after last month's storm.

After that storm hit, cleanup became the number one priority for the city.

Now, the pool is filled and the fountains are on, but 4-year-old Lydia Heller and her best bud Jace Kinney will have to wait to dive in.

While the two are busy making pool plans, Shawn Bastian and the rest of the Williamsport city works department have been busy cleaning up tree limbs.

"Just scattered around the city picking up brush, it's been crazy," Bastian said. "There are only so many of us to get the whole city."

Now that most of if not all of the storm cleanup done, they are onto the next big step, opening up the pool.

"Most of the time you just see it's open you don't see the four weeks of prepping, pouring new concrete pads, filling it, washing it," Bastian added.

For over 20 years. Allen Goodbrod has helped with upkeep at the city pools.

"They had some issues with some leaks which they were trying to fix, you know," Goodbrod said.

Over the past few weeks, while Goodbrod was checking chlorine levels, the city was making repairs to the pool, adding new piping, concrete, and a giant sail that dumps water in the pool.

"By tonight it will have enough chlorine in it and it will be ready to go," Goodbrod said.

If all goes as planned, Splash Cove will open this Saturday in Williamsport.

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  • Granny

    Have some “county” workers that just walk around the court house collecting a pay check and that is after recieving a pension from the “state”, go out and pick up brush from the storm!

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