States Fail to Reach Deal on Water Levels in Delaware River

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BUCKINGHAM TOWNSHIP — The groups controlling water flow on the upper Delaware River failed to reach an agreement before Wednesday night’s midnight deadline.

As a result, the amount of water in the river could drop.

Lower water levels could affect fishing and other businesses on the river from the uppermost corner of Pennsylvania in the Poconos all the way to Philadelphia.

Reservoirs just across the border from Wayne County, Pennsylvania supply water to both New York State and New Jersey.

New Jersey wants more water released from the reservoirs.

There is some good news, however, officials in New York State have agreed to release more water into the river than required–just not as much as New Jersey wants.

The Delaware River is governed by officials from New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

The states still hope to reach a new agreement on water levels.


  • RicU.

    Shallow reasoning, people. This is their water also. They don’t have to “share” or “LOL” any of it. This article appeared in the Pike County Courier yesterday. We were told 2 years ago this was going to happen. This will effect tourism immediately and other industries as it progresses.

    Next time a candidate tells you, “There is very little we can do, believe the lazy cuss and vote him out.

    • Striper Master

      So the water downstream is ours too then right? Not much they can really do if we just say no. It’s NJ the armpit of America, maybe we should just flood the state with water and get a coastline.

  • Striper Master

    Typical Democratic state wanting to mooch off of other people instead of preparing for their selves. Let them figure out their own problems so here in PA we can enjoy our state parks and rivers.

  • Princess

    I agree with KAT. It’s a shame that last year they drained Beltzville Lake which screwed up the fishing and now they want to let out more water? Come on! Just isn’t fair. Let the fisherman be able to catch some fish instead of wasting time and money.

  • Kat

    Last year they all but “drained” Beltsville lake for the same reason. The fishing there now sucks! Unless you like pickerel! Tell New Jersey to build their own danged reservoir and conserve their water!

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