Father Killed After Fight Between Boys at Kindergarten Graduation Party Escalates

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- State police said a man from Luzerne County was shot and killed after what his family said was a graduation party he held for his child and other kindergartners.

Police said Devon Brown was shot and killed Wednesday night on Mark Drive in the Marion Terrace Apartment Complex in Hanover Township.

Brown's wife, Antionette Nimmons, said it was supposed to be a day to celebrate her 6-year-old son's graduation from kindergarten, but instead, it was where her loving husband was shot and killed.

"An altercation between two 6-year-old boys is the reason why I don't have my kid's father with me today," Nimmons said.

State police said Tremaine Jamison, 27, from New York City shot Brown.

Witnesses said it happened after a fight between the two little boys escalated and the adults got involved.

Nimmons said she never saw Jamison a day in her life until Wednesday.

"They both graduated from kindergarten yesterday. His friend is the one who he allegedly gave a black eye to, but he didn't have a black eye. They were just rough playing like boys do," Nimmons said.

Nimmons said now, all she can do is stay strong for her two children and keep the positive memories of Brown alive.

"He was outgoing, funny, goofy, always the center of attention, always had everybody laughing," Nimmons said.

Nimmons said that he was not only a wonderful father to their two children, but he was also a role model to other kids in the neighborhood.

"I just really hope justice will be served. That's what will make me feel better," Nimmons said.

State police are still looking for Jamison. They said he lives in the Harlem area of New York City. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to contact police.


  • seen it all

    This is beyond stupid , Looks like the kids were already badly influenced by their fathers , SO the baby mommas man from NYC brought a gun? Also obviously this Marrion Terrace Apt. complex is simply – THE WELFARE PROJECTS – and their all living on our dime .

  • Worlds Best Father, Really

    Fathers in black communities are a rare and endangered species the way it is. Sorry to hear there is one less.

  • just ew.....

    first class citizens right there.
    poor children will grow up as criminals.
    cycle never ends for those people.

  • keithk

    At least North Schuylkill wasn’t the only place were there was fights at Kindergarten Graduation related activities. No guns involved just fists and they took it outside!

  • El Ma

    Oh…………my…………..gawd. I cannot imagine, in my wildest nightmares, why anyone would take a firearm to a kindergarten graduation party, and why adults have to “get involved” in a sandbox argument.

    There was once a time when kids would disagree, duke it out, and then develop a respectful appreciation of one another. Now? Everyone’s involved from the parents to the neighbors to Jerry Springer. What a world………….

    • former resident

      Drug dealers and criminals carry guns all day long. Choose wisely who your are friends with, who comes in your home, and who your kids pal around with. If in doubt drop them and do not let them come over ever.

  • Frank

    Its a shame the little boy was on top of the world, it was a big day for him and his family. Why is there so much violence in our country? Everyone should not be so negative and pray for peace. The world is not getting any better, we need to start and try to make it better for the children. i can’t imagine what it will be like for their kids if we don’t change. Have respect for each other.

  • think positive

    This is the world we are living in, and it’s becoming more occupied daily with people who don’t know how to think and act rationally or responsibly!

  • Rurbanite

    This is not about race. This is not about NYC. This is not about people wearing sneakers. This is about the fact that we are weaponizing ourselves like mo other country on earth, largely with the blessing of the NRA and their extreme lobbying. Years ago a fight like this would have been with fists, with a black eye or a bloody nose as bad as it got. Now we are cajoled to arm ourselves, arm ourselves, arm ourselves. How is it that the Canadians, the Japanese, and the Germans, to name but a few, do not have these shootings as daily occurrences? Yes, they do occur abroad, but not at the level as in the USA. I support the Second Amendment, by the way.

      • JP

        I’m sure Tremaine didn’t purchase the gun he possessed. Also didn’t have a permit. Most likely stolen. The gun didn’t kill him, the a*ole who pulled the trigger did. Wake up.

    • Chances are

      Wrong, wrong, wrong. You blast the NRA and extreme lobbying, but then you say you support the 2A. You’re a walking contradiction. Did you know that Switzerland has one of the highest gun ownerships per capita in the world? Where are their daily shootings? The problem is – if you removed your head from your back side – IS a culture that not only condones violence – it glamorizes it in their music and makes millionaires out of the ‘musicians’. Then we have revolving door justice that puts criminals back on the streets, and a neutered police force that is afraid to take action because the politicians tell them to stand down. I don’t want to hear ‘the problem is guns’. How many people in Manchester (and countless other places) were killed and maimed – and not one trigger was pulled. Do you think that Tremaine walked into his local sporting goods shop and purchased that firearm legally? Do you think he had a concealed carry permit? Give me a break – people that think like you are a laugh.

      • El Ma

        Yes – the glamorization and lofty aspirations of the “Thug Life” is infused in everything, today. Every aspect of our lives is swayed by programming, marketing, advertising, and backed up with the “We-Need-To-Understand-Everyone” mentality that simply allows (and, encourages) violent behavior.

        I set my handgun down in the floor, one day, and shouted insults and threats at it. I waited. It just sat there. This confirms that it’s PEOPLE that kill people, not guns. That weapon had every chance to act-out, and it just sat there. :-/

      • Nicole

        You nailed that one correctly. If we had more people that could carry concealed or even have weapons in their homes is way better than getting it illegally and doing stupid thing you are supposed to be able to protect your home and family not shoot someone because boys will be boys one is better than the other not really no one’s kids are better than another’s we all have our messed up kids in their own ways. More parents over-react because they think people are blaming their kids when we should be teaching our kids to box it out or talk it out and move on

  • Mad Dog

    Stay classy NEPA. The only thing worse than what happened to this man is the outpouring of judgement from the racist NEPA jagoffs and the proud, new red state we’ve become. What a great state and country we’ve become where the hate flows like a flood. Can’t wait to see what world we leave for our children.

    • I pay taxes too

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! …”stay classy”… I absolutely have nothing to say that everyone is already thinking!

    • El Ma

      Mad Dog, it’s not “racist” to call something as it is. When people of color finally become SICK and TIRED of being (bold, italic, underlined) lumped together as a certain “type” of person, then they’ll begin making changes within their own culture.

      That’s almost as idiotic as the obese woman who was pulled over for not wearing her seat belt and claimed that the seat belt Law was “racist” against fat people. “Racist/ism” is defined as a person(s) that believes that they are superior to another demographic. It is NOT “racist” to observe that carrying a gun to a kindergarten graduation party is foolish and reprehensible. It’s simply a fact.

      When people, in general, start setting reasonable expectations for their cultures, accept and realize that it ain’t nifty to have 5 kids by 5 different women, accept and realize that it ain’t nifty to act like ghetto trash and cat-fight in the streets, and demand a higher standard for those in their cultures – across the boards – then we might see a reduction in this current state of stupidity and violence.

      Stupid breeds stupid. Hatred breeds hatred. Ghetto breeds ghetto. It’s just that simple. And, the saddest fact that is contemporary is that any person of color that makes it OUT of the ghetto and does something with their life is ridiculed for being “too white.” What a world………Martin Luther King, Jr. is probably spinning in his grave, as I type, and asking, “THIS is what I sacrificed MY life for?”

  • Jimbob

    Coward just a shallow person with a very low i.q. who cant think like a human ..probably wears 200$ sneakers 300$ jeans and never worked an honest day in his life ..and never have a dime towards his child’s support

  • laura

    wow he has to be the biggest coward with the world’s smallest family jewels to pull a gun over something like this

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