20 Pounds of Marijuana, Tens of Thousands in Cash Seized During Bust

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HAZLETON — A large amount of marijuana was seized by Hazleton police just after 1 a.m. Thursday morning on South Laurel Street.

After a two-month long investigation, police arrested Ayvi Marte for possession of 20 pounds of marijuana and other related charges.

Police say they found the drugs vacuum sealed in the 23-year-old’s car.

Marte also had around $57,000 in cash in his possession.

He is locked up in Luzerne County.


  • Archie Beal

    I say legalize ALL DRUGS. Crime rate will decrease considerably and these junkies will eventually eradicate themselves by overdosing. This concept is definitely a win win!

    • keithk

      Not really a win because not of these people have insurance so they will raise healthcare prices. Also the junkies steal for there fix so it also raises goods and services prices.

  • April Hart

    If weed was legal, he’d be an entrepreneur, business owner. But heck let’s waste thousands of dollars on this room and board for the next 20 or more years. I mean we wouldn’t want to put a child molester in jail and protect our children let’s overcrowd the jail with Pot dealers.


    Hazleton is another beauty close to my hometown Frackville. I do like hazleton better though way more establishments to find long grey socks for my modeling career. But frackville has more inviting back alleys, maybe this one is a toss up.

  • sonya

    Now lets see if he gets low bail so he can get right back to selling. Thats whats going on in our system these days people.

    • So fed up with people

      Looks like you need to get your facts straight!!!! Not every Hispanic you see is an illegal Mexican. Wise the F up already.

      • So fed up with people

        And look at the Crime not the race. Right away people like to jump to conclusions instead of looking at the real problem. DRUGS!!! Which in my opinion has alot to do with us white folk addicts who can’t live without it.

      • So fed up with people

        Look at the proportional statistics on Overdoses. If White Americans wouldn’t support the habit they will go elsewhere to sell it. Think about it!!

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