New Chapter for Otto’s Bookstore in Williamsport 

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Like the page turners she sells at Otto’s a bookstore in Williamsport, at times this year Alissa Dubois has been on the edge of her seat in anticipation.

"There's a lot involved in doing a transition, I mean the nuts and bolts of it," said Alissa Dubois.

Last year the owner of Otto’s Bookstore announced she was retiring. What's described as the oldest independently owned bookstore in the United States went up for sale.

"She gave it time and it did take some time," said Dubois.

Since the announcement, Dubois and the bookstore have been between chapters. That is until last week.

"It's been a little bit like having Santa Claus fairies, everything good that could happen in the universe all at the same time," said Dubois.

Otto's Bookstore is officially under new ownership. After four generations, the Rider family from Williamsport sold the store to a couple who have a background in publishing and ties to the Williamsport area.

"They want their bookstore. That's their main goal. They are like me. They want the bookstore and they want this bookstore," said Dubois.

"I think it's a hometown staple. It would have been a sad thing if it would have closed,” said Allison Poplaski from South Williamsport.

As for the bookstore, the owners hope to keep the name and its legacy in Williamsport.

"And now I feel like when I am a little old lady, it will still be here. I'm like, woohoo!” said Dubois.

That's exactly the ending and the new beginning Dubois had hoped for.