How Does This Month of May Rank Temperature Wise?

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- This May has brought us weather conditions that were often dreary and cooler than normal.

We found plenty of people out with their dogs, playing soccer, and soaking up the sun as best as they could Wednesday, and tried to avoid thunderstorms.

So on the last day of May, we wanted to ask people if they could guess whether or not this May was above average in temperatures, below average in temperatures, or just where they should be.

Keep in mind, this past April and February were the warmest on record, dating back to 1901.

A big majority of the people we spoke with agreed that the temperatures seemed below average.

"Definitely feels cooler than usual," said Corey Cohen of Montrose. "I've had to wear jackets more. It just seems like it's been cooler. I seem to remember it being warmer in May. I remember it being warmer last May."

"I had my fingers crossed that after all the warm weather that we had in February, I was thinking it was going to be 90 degrees all May," said Allan Schreffler with the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission. "Water is going to be too warm, the angling season is going to be too short, but I did a rain dance and kept my fingers crossed, and it seemed to work."

Despite the cooler days. This May has actually been as close to average temperatures as you can get.

The reason is due to all the cloud cover we've had. So while temperatures didn't get too hot during the day, they also didn't get too cold at night.