Excitement from Potential Employees at Job Fair

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NORTHUMBERLAND -- Around 50 people came to a job fair in Northumberland County with resumes in hand, eager to get a job.

Most of the folks applying for jobs are affiliated with Suncom, a place that helps people with disabilities live a normal life.  Richard Wertz of Milton knows exactly what kind of job he's looking for.

“I want to be a dishwasher,” Wertz said.

Wertz, and around 50 other people, applied for jobs at the job fair at Front Street Station in Northumberland on Wednesday.

“I've been doing good at my job, and I'm ready to move on to a different job,” Wertz said.

The job fair was hosted by Suncom, which is a nonprofit based in Northumberland County.  Suncom helps people with disabilities live normal, everyday lives.

"We provide vocational training, and we provide employment placement to help people make those connections in the community and get a job,” Peggy Vitale said.

Suncom got grant money from Northumberland County to hold the job fair.  Amanda Cressmen of Selinsgrove is ready to enter the workforce.

"I want to apply for sorting at Tractor Supply or a pet store,” Cressmen said.

Daniel Yetter worked at Susquehanna University while school was in session.

"I was a deli slicer with chicken, turkey, and ham,” Yetter said.

Now he's looking for a permanent job.

“Something to do with a kitchen,” Yetter said.

There was a mock interview station set up so applicants could sharpen their skills before handing in their resumes.

Before the job fair started, Suncom held a seminar for its clients to learn more aspects of the workforce.

"They can look around and see the opportunities that are out there.  A lot of the people coming are very anxious to meet potential employees,” Kelly King said.

The job fair was open to anyone in the community, and it was free.  Suncom says it would like to make the job fair an annual event.