Boy Hurt in Parade Released from Hospital and Recovering at Home

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SHAMOKIN -- The 10-year-old boy was who injured in a parade last Friday in Northumberland County is out of the hospital and now recovering at home.

Aaron Leffler was hurt after a float carrying his baseball team ran over him during a festival in Shamokin.

Leffler was sporting a “thumbs up” from his hospital bed in pictures taken at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville with his baseball coach at his side. Those pictures were taken on Monday. Now just two days later, his father says Aaron is now recovering at home.

At a ball field in Shamokin, Aaron's baseball team, Cabrini Baseball, played a game in his honor Wednesday to celebrate his release from the hospital.

Coach Leo Mirolli said he's glad he got to see Aaron's improvement earlier in the week.

“Even though you know he's doing better because you're being told he's doing better, seeing it for yourself is, of course, it clarifies everything that he is recovering,” said Mirolli.

Aaron was injured while walking alongside a float carrying his baseball team during a festival in Shamokin last Friday evening. The float's front tire pulled the boy down then ran over him.

Parents at this game say they're so happy he's going to be OK.

“We're relived. My daughter was actually walking right beside him, so she was pretty upset. They were all very upset,” said parent Alli Rocke.

“When we heard about it, we were like, 'Oh my gosh!'” said parent Shauna LaMas. “And so we were just amazed that he came away with some bruising. It was awesome to hear he's OK.”

“I'm really glad that he's home and he can recuperate and hopefully he can come back to the team soon,” said parent Christina Kinsy.

At the game, Aaron's teammates painted Aaron's number, 36, on their faces, and for the first pitch, the team left Aaron's position, shortstop, empty.

“I'm glad that they got to do that,” said LaMas. “I saw they all had the number painted on the face and the nice group picture they did.”

“I'm glad they were able to do something,” said Rocke. “We wish Aaron was here. He's definitely missed right now and we can't wait for him to get back on the field.”

The coach says he hopes Aaron will recover in time to play with the team before the season ends.

Mirolli says his father is hoping Aaron will feel good enough to come watch a game by the end of the week.