Air Products and Chemicals Plant Closes Its Doors

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- After more than 60 years in Hanover Township, employing hundreds of people in highly-paid and highly-skilled positions, the Air Products and Chemicals plant is closing.

"Nobody wants to find themselves in this situation. Certainly when I first arrived here in 1995, I certainly did not think I'd be standing here making this decision," General Manager Sandy McLauchlin said.

The 75 employees here build liquefied natural gas heat exchangers, which are shipped to customers worldwide. Many workers had been on the job for more than 25 years.

"Their lives are being changed. There's a lot of employees who have been here many years. They spent their lives here," McLauchlin said.

Officials said unfortunately, their hands were tied when it came to this decision because now, more than ever there is a larger supply of natural gas. However, there is not as much of a demand as there had been in years past.

"This is not a reflection on our workforce at all. We are very proud of the workforce we've had here. They've done a tremendous job. They just find themselves in an unfortunate circumstance where there's nothing really they can do now," McLauchlin said.

Employees didn't know it at the time, but a heat exchanger that they made two weeks ago would be their last. The plant officially closes on August 1.

Now, McLauchlin looks back fondly as his time here begins to close.

"The place has been great. The community has been great. The state has been great supporting us for many years," McLauchlin said.

All 75 employees were offered severance packages by Air Products and Chemicals.

The company does have another facility, but it is based in Florida.


  • CeeMe

    What happened to the Air Products plant near Easton? Well, I don’t get a severance package where I work. I leave with what I saved. Good luck and vote in the next Trump. (Ivanka)

  • Overlord

    Maybe they can build an off site casino, smoke shop, BAR, opiate maintenance building, and All in one gas station?

  • Archie Beal

    This area is absolutely ridiculous. They will let an established well paying company like Air Products slip away, but will want a pat on the back and think they did something when they have a Dollar General or some chain restaurant open. Yeah great for local economy

    • CeeMe

      Yep. That’s what the “powers that be,” want around here. Slave wages and labor that keep most people from getting ahead, except themselves. Anyone who can, should leave NEPA. Everyone I know who did, made out well, albeit, they miss the friends and natural beauty they had here.

  • treethseeker

    Yes, 75 more homes on the market in a depressed local real estate market. This assumes these 75 people will choose to relocate elsewhere, but after working for 30 years at Air Products I’d bet that most won’t want to move. Where will they find work locally that pays them a wage similar to what they received at Air Products? Most blue collar people wanted to work their because of the excellent wages. If Air Products really want to maintain a presence in Wilkes-Barre, why weren’t they upgrading and updating the W-B plant years ago so it will be competitive in the changing market ?

  • RicU.

    75 HIGH paying jobs are going away. These highly skilled will likely find work elsewhere, possibly out of PA. This means 75 more homes will be on the market at a time when houses are weighting down the prices. This means 225 jobs total are going away.

    Buckle up children.This is going to be a rough ride.

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