Wet Weather Taking Toll on Vegetable Crops

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Under cloudy skies, you can see plenty of fresh vegetables starting to sprout at Josie Porter Farm near Stroudsburg.

But with rain and cooler temperatures expected over the next few days, farmers here are hoping the weather won't affect their crops.

"Currently with the cool weather that we are having, crops like asparagus and other crops that seem to grow fast with warm weather, they grow a little bit slower. So maybe we won't have quantities. I mean, we will still have those kinds of vegetable crops, but it certainly slows down the process of plant growth," said Heidi Secord, Josie Porter Farm owner.

This section of the farm covers about five acres. Everything from lettuce and kale to potatoes and more grow in this area.

Heidi Secord says the plants need moisture, but not days of it.

"Hopefully we don't get too much. If it's raining like now, misting, we will get a few major rain falls during the next few days but again because we are practicing organic methods on our farm, our soil retains the water, so hopefully, we won't have any major issues," said Secord.

Farmers say warm and not as wet conditions are the best for growing.

But when they can't have those conditions, there's a backup.

Farmers here have this high tunnel. It helps regulate and extend the season. When the weather isn't cooperating it comes in handy because they can control the temperature and how much water the plants are getting.

"Our tomatoes, peppers, and basil are inside there. They are pretty tall and basically, we can control the environment and that is the whole idea of high tunnels for farmers," said Secord.

Farmers say they hope for warmer and dryer conditions in the coming weeks to ensure they have all the crops they need for upcoming events.

For more information on those events, click here.

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