State Rep. Kevin Haggerty Cited for Harassment

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DUNMORE -- State Representative Kevin Haggerty has been cited with simple harassment for an alleged fight with his wife who has a protection from abuse order against him.

According to the PFA, Jennifer Haggerty says her husband threw two water bottles at her earlier this month.

Haggerty faces a fine for the simple harassment citation in Lackawanna County.

Last week, Jennifer Haggerty filed for divorce from the state representative.

Kevin Haggerty was scheduled to be in family court Wednesday morning for a hearing on the protection from abuse order. That hearing has been rescheduled.


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    Serve your 4 years. Cordaro will be out. Join up and run for County Commish as a team. Dunmore people are STUPID.

  • think positive

    Glad his wife is not taking his abuse. Too many women protect their men, especially when they have positions. Good for her.

  • [Ă—] donald j. trump (r)

    The frustration of the Democratic party is unbelievably unreal. Just because Hillary lost DOES NOT give you the right to smack your old lady around. It wasn’t your wife’s fault Hillary didn’t divorce Bill in hopes of saving the Democratic party. If your wife wants a loving, peaceful marriage, she will marry a Trump supporter. We won’t throw water bottles at her. Our party is successful.

  • Deborah

    Pennsylvania is pretty embarrassing now. We have a LONG history of either corrupt politicians or politicians abusing people. We the people of Pennsylvania really need to start looking deeper into the type of people we are electing into elected positions!

  • Marvin

    Take it easy on the guy, he is still suffering from PTSD because his dear Hillary lost the election…………

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