Senior Memories: Graduates Read Letters Penned by Their 6th-grade Selves

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FOUNTAIN SPRINGS -- Soon to be graduating seniors in the North Schuylkill School District went back to elementary school just for a couple of hours.

There the seniors were met with things they wrote six years ago.

Before the seniors move forward with their lives, their careers, their higher education, it was a look back.

It was a short trip from the senior high school over to the elementary building Tuesday morning, but the trip was much longer in terms of years.

The seniors held a meet and greet with the elementary school students they were then handed letters the seniors wrote about themselves when they were sixth-grade students in this very same building.Senior Rachael Cataldo looked back at the letter she wrote to herself back in 2011.

Senior Rachael Cataldo looked back at the letter she wrote to herself back in 2011.

She said, "I was sort of surprised because a lot of my interests were the same but my career goals changed. My mindset has changed. I have a lot more friends."

Back then, she wanted to be a pediatrician. Now, she wants to become a sports broadcaster.

"My favorite TV shows are the Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and Newswatch 16," said Senior Michael Roberts.

And yes, it really did say Newswatch 16.

Here at North Schuylkill, they intend to carry on the tradition. The letters written by the class of 2023 have already been penned.

Sixth-grader Jenna Baker has written hers. She said, "I put how I was really happy that I made through sixth grade and how I'm really excited I get to move on to the high school."

The tradition here at North Schuylkill goes back to the early 90's. Sixth-grade teacher John Kessler says they encourage creative writing, but adds, "this one was mainly about fun. It was just to have students writing a friendly letter to their future selves."

The next generation of letters, already bundled up, will be safely stored in the school office to be opened by seniors six years from now.

Graduation day here at North Schuylkill is set for Wednesday night.


  • Brightfutures

    No worries Grads, SEDCO is bringing in more jobs everyday. Plenty of distribution centers coming in baby! This area is coming back!

  • Mashedpotatovolcano

    Any other good news stories bout NS? Maybe bout what the lunch menu is looking like these days? No peanuts i presume

  • beegeefan

    Great Story, I hope it inspires these young kids to stay in the Coal Region and become teachers!

    • Longgreysocks

      I agree I should of Been a teacher would of had it made in this beautiful area. But Modeling and the Scrap metal industry pay well here. Teacher or Prison Guard seem very popular professions here. But not wasnt my deal!

    • Longgreysocks

      I graduated from that great institution North Schuylkill back in the 70s, i wanted to be a zoologist in 6th grade. but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. I collect cans for a living and am a fashion model part time in the sock industry.

      • Mashedpotatovolcano

        I didnt graduate. But I make a mean peanut butter n jelly triple decker just like they used to serve up before someone decided everyones allergic to deez nuts.

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