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Veterans Voyage along the Susquehanna River

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Captain Strunk expected to see a big crowd for the holiday, but not like this. Over 80 people showed up for the Hiawatha Paddlewheel Riverboat's "Veteran’s Voyage." Most of the folks onboard are veterans.

"Korean War veterans, you'll see Vietnam veterans,” said Captain Mike Strunk.

Memorial Day marks the unofficial kickoff of the season for the Hiawatha in Williamsport. On this day, veterans get to ride the big red, white, and blue boat for free.

"How I found out about this was through Ryan Leckey!" said Kimberly Schrader.

Kimberly Schrader served in the Air Force and National Guard. She traveled from Canton with her family to be here.

"My grandson was in the parade in Troy and so we went today to the memorial service and here we are," said Schrader.

"I think a lot of our veterans want to remember those that paid the ultimate sacrifice," said Captain Strunk.

"My heart goes out to the soldiers, the sailors that have lost lives or that even come back impaired,” said Schrader.

"Normally it's the cookouts, but we had a chance to do this, so we decided to come here," said Joe Zupon.

For those like Joe Zupon, Memorial Day is a chance to spend time with family. The Scranton native served in the Navy during the Korean War era. He likes to take his grandson Jesse on educational trips; places where he can learn and have fun.

"We saw a Wisconsin Battleship," said Jesse Yurksha.

"We love him so much we want to spend as much time with him as we could," said Zupon.

The Hiawatha Paddlewheel Riverboat in Williamsport has public cruises all summer long. Click here for more information.