Space Rocks For Sale in Schuylkill County

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POTTSVILLE -- Over the years, meteorites have landed in Pennsylvania, but it's a new store in Schuylkill County that brings outer space crashing down for kids and adults to explore.

"Each [meteorite] has it's own unique properties," explained Roger Whebe, the owner of Martian Meteorites on North Second Street in Pottsville, which sells actual meteorites that have crashed into Earth. "It reacts differently for magnets, heat, even drilling. I tried to drill them and some were impossible and some were easy."

"There are several meteorite stores online but there are none that are available for someone to physically come in and grab one of these things and grab a meteorite and say, 'This is the one I want,'" said Wehbe.

Astronomy and geology coming to life, with a chance for people to get their own piece of outer space and even touch rocks from the moon and Mars.

People Newswatch 16 spoke with admitted it's an usual attraction coming to Pottsville. But they're also optimistic such a niche store will bring new people to the downtown.

"Unless you're able to actually attend a university or go to a campus or a museum, you don't have that type of stuff around in Pottsville," said Tina Coulson of Pottsville. "Having a store around here would be really educational for the kids."

A place for kids like Christian Bennett, who is visiting Pottsville from Harrisburg.

"Because it's from another planet and it would just be cool to feel what it feels like," he said.

The Martian Materials store officially opens on June 12.


  • Winston

    If it wasn’t for that Necho Allen guy finding that Anthracite coal like the first episode of The Beverly Hillbillies right around Pottsville? Guess we wouldn’t have modern steel or transportation practices… The Skook is something that has helped build not only the country, but the world when it comes to technologies shared and gained. No pride on here? Fine. But you wouldn’t have that phone or computer if it were not for a more efficient commutation of skill through multiple processes. Maybe that is why the legends of the past chose that place to help them succeed? Maybe not. After Agnes in ’72 when they wiped out the history and strength in the area. Heroin and section 8 until it falls into the ground now… You are doing the same thing by detracting from your relative area to be clear. Good luck.

      • Professorgetaclue

        Winston, What a stunningly superficial statement! You really think the Agnes Flood in 1972 is the reason why people in Schuylkill County are stuck in 1972! Hey young man! maybe take a few Sociology courses and you can figure out why its the laughing stock of PA and yeah I do not believe the Mississippi River went through Broad Mountain in the 70s. to destroy the coal fields! If you put all your “eggs” in one basket “Coal” its always soon to fail but no plan to diversify! just the obsession to keep living in the past!

  • SkaterNathanial

    They actually part of that historic wall they tore down in Pottsville. Way to go Pottsville. Coal Regioners couldnt think to preserve coal mines/breakers/trains for tourism industry so might as well tear it all down.

  • Longgreysocks

    Finally a uplifting skook article. But other types of rock are in more of demand especially in tamaqua . My summer look of long grey socks with jean shorts much more hip than a space rock in the skook. Let keep it real .

  • Jr

    Yup and I have cubes of ice for sale from the North Pole……just let me get them out of my freezer!

  • Rockinschuylks

    People love rocks in schuylkill county. Especially smoking them or cutting them up and snorting. This guy might have a different clientele than he was expecting. All of Ashland will be there.

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