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Noise Complaint Leads to Shots Fired in Schuylkill County

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WALKER TOWNSHIP — A party led to complaints and then gunfire in Schuylkill County.

Troopers say Eimont Bronzini complained to police about his neighbors’ party in Tamaqua on Sunday.

Troopers checked it out and left when they didn’t find any noise problems.

Cops say that’s when Bronzini opened fire near the neighbors’ home.

The 58 year oldĀ is now locked up in Schuylkill County prison.


  • Jutt

    My buddy Keith hung out with this guy. Tempers flare when intimate moments get interrupted. Hopefully these neighbors find some carnal passions to sort this mess out.

  • Longgreysocks

    Easy eimont! They probably just had a space rock party next door. I get mad when I can’t find matching greys in the morning but not to this level.

  • Patrolchock

    Guy like that around prolly need a patroller to keep safe. Roam around or post up in the garbage cans. He comes with a gun it’d be like grab kiss slobber.

  • Leah Huynh

    Not how it happened at all!!!! We called the police on him first for making threats they came and spoke to him because he complained that our pool filter which never runs at night had kept him awake for three days vibrationing and humming in his house…. he stumbled over to our home drunk and making threats we called the police and they came out…. 20 mins after they left he opened fire with 8 children here at my home!!! Please if you are going to repost something publicly make sure you have the accurate information first!!! Thank you WNEP!!

    • Leah Huynh

      Actually no that’s not how it went…. his techno music was playing so loud you couldn’t even here are music…. not to mention he plays his music so loud every single day all day at these levels…. we called the police on him first because he was making threats to us about our pool filter keeping him up at night we don’t run it at night!!! He claims it wasn’t vibrating his house Saturday afternoon when we actually had it running….. he was drunk making threats first so what it apparently “sounds like to you” isn’t how it happened at all!!

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