Motorcycle Club Holds Annual Memorial Day Bike Night to Honor Military Current and Past

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Members of a motorcycle club held their annual Memorial Day observation in the Poconos Monday.

The Latin American Motorcycle Association gathered at a restaurant in Monroe County to honor military veterans as well as those still serving.

They came roaring into the parking lot of Texas Roadhouse armed with American pride.

It was the Latin American Motorcycle Association's special Memorial Day Bike Night where they took the time to honor military veterans as well as those still serving.

“The Latin American Motorcycle Association every year honors those that never made it back home and honors those that did make it back home,” said member Donna Toro from Albrightsville. “And some of them are going through a very difficult time.”

“My son's in the Army. I'm so proud of him,” said member Nancy Latorre from East Stroudsburg.

“We have freedom and that's because people who served for our country, so I'm very grateful and I'm happy to be here,” said Nancy’s husband, Edinson Latorre.

The event was open to anyone who wanted to come and other motorcycle clubs joined in.

“To support our veterans and the people who died for our country, we support anything to do with veterans and military,” said Bill Freese from Marshall’s Creek.

“I come here too because I have a son that is serving and he's in the Navy,” said Bill’s wife, Susan.

As the National Anthem was sung, veterans at the event stood at attention in front of the crowd and the American flag.

“These folks are great,” said Vietnam veteran John DeFazio. “I'm very close to many of them and they do a great job, the brotherhood.”

"Taps" was played before an unfurled American flag, those veterans remained in salute to those who paid the ultimate price.

“Honorable, proud, it's what we served for, times like this but we serve for and commemorate the times when the men and women haven't come home,” said Gulf War veteran Mike Coughlin.

Also as part of the Latin American Motorcycle Association’s Memorial Day Bike Night, the motorcycle club gives one high school student in Monroe County a scholarship of $2,000.

This year's recipient was Christopher Vo who is graduating from Stroudsburg High School.

“I was really just surprised and really proud when I got the phone call that I'm the recipient this year,” said Vo, who was there with his proud family.

Vo won the scholarship by entering into an essay contest in Monroe County.


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