Memorial Day Parade Marches on through West Wyoming

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WEST WYOMING -- While the rain caused many parades to be canceled, veterans, band members, and scouts marched through it in one community in Luzerne County.

Because of the drizzle and wet roads, people watching the Wyoming/West Wyoming Memorial Day Parade saw red, white, and blue reflect off the blacktop of Shoemaker Avenue in West Wyoming.

Helen Brogan of Avoca wore those colors, too, out of respect for the soldiers she saw pass by, especially a World War II veteran.

"And I told him because of you, I'm here. This could have been a communist country. I don't know for sure," Brogan said.

Helen and Jim Brogan were sure they were coming as long as rain didn't cancel the parade.

Some parade goers stood under awnings. Others used umbrellas for protection, but that didn't stop them from honoring those who protect us serving in the military now, and those who died, protecting this country.

"I won't even put my umbrella up for that reason," said Helen Brogan.

"The type that were coming out for these events are the real patriots, and we're lucky to have them," Jim Brogan said.

Jim Brogan served a tour of duty in Vietnam. He appreciates those who observe Memorial Day, and he thinks of those he served with who never came home.

"If I get Alzheimer's, I think I'm still going to remember that, those days."

Helen Brogan hopes more people remember our veterans' sacrifices and tradition. On this day, she swelled with pride as a family tradition continued. Her nephew marched in this Memorial Day parade as a member of the Army National Guard.