White Haven Welcomes Back Memorial Day Parade

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WHITE HAVEN -- It's a short parade that spans two counties, one river, and a pretty steep hill.

White Haven's Memorial Day parade tradition petered out about 15 years ago due to a lack of support. Since then, some in the borough felt something was missing.

Recently, the local VFW and fire companies decided to get the ball rolling again.

It was reported earlier that the Lions Club was a part of this decision, however, that information is incorrect.

On Sunday, a procession including boy scouts, veteran's groups, jeeps, police vehicles, and fire trucks made its way from East Side in Carbon County across the bridge to Luzerne County.

There stood spectators who had been waiting for years to see the parade come back.

Nina Jones said, "This is exciting because it is the first parade we have had in White Haven in a very long time.

Becky Mergo remarked, "It's priceless, everyone should be out here to pay their respects."

The VFW float carried people dressed as Betsy Ross, Martha Washington, and Abe Lincoln. Members smiled and waved savoring the moment their efforts to bring back the parade paid off.

The excitement was mixed with remembrance. Ed O'Donnell, 92, is a Marine who lost family members in battle, including his brother in Iwo Jima.

As O'Donnell spoke of the lost, tears rolled down his face.

"All my buddies, all of the Marines and soldiers and sailors, they are all..." he pauses gesturing to the sky, "That is what the day is about."

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  • Bill Jameson, Vet & Flag Advocate

    We were surprised that the Marine Corps League wagon had the US flag on the left side and the Marine Corps flag on the right side. Correct flag protocol (US Flag Code) requires the US flag to be on the right side (curb side) of any vehicle in a parade.

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